Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The "INNER EYE"....

Everyone has a pair of eyes. Everyone could see things as it is.. But, not many have the inner eye - the THIRD EYE. Or, lets put it this way.. Everyone has the third eye, but they just don't know how to use it !!! Especially, sports officials. We can call them "BUTA HATI" in Malay..
Let's go into detail:

Greetings from the depth of consciousness. There is a point within that which is called consciousness where you truly connect with all life force. It is that point where the inner eye is opened and the inner eye, the eye of One, sees, knows, and integrates with all that is seen.
The outer eyes are like doorways to this inner eye. The outer eyes are of course easy to open, you simply lift your eyelids and you see in your physical world what you see. But there is so much more that is behind and beyond and within that which you see which can only be observed from the inner eye of One.
It is most important to focus on opening this inner eye for that is when the vision is truly extended, when all outer occurrences are seen for what they are, not for the eternal statement of reality but for a temporary doorway through which reality can be discovered. Utilized the outer eyes, see what you see, but see the formless behind the form, see the meaning behind the meaning, see the substance that exists, but know of the essence of creation that is behind and within that substance. It is when the inner eye is opened and the vision is clear that understanding and enlightenment becomes the pathway. It is not a mystery, it is a matter of focus, certainly a matter of intent, it is a matter of being consistent in application. It is a matter of remaining attentive to that which is being experienced, not for the experience, but for what is the meaning and purpose behind the experience. That is where the truth lies and where the doorway to the inner eye of One is located.
So observe, see, go beyond and feel and release all externalized attachments to what is seen and allow the inner eye of One to be opened. The secret to opening the inner eye is by releasing the attachment to what is seen with the outer eye. Go into that inner sanctuary. Take this notion of the inner eye into your meditation. Feel the meaning behind the meaning of what is observed. Let the inner eye guide each step along the way. The eye of One is truly the only eye that exists. It is the eye that sees all and knows all. It is the eye that I AM. Do you see the connection? I AM the One eye. I AM the eye of One. All is One. Hear this message and let the inner eye see clearly.

Similar usage as "third eye". As one becomes more developed, the positioning of third eye imagery becomes less conscious-centered. A clairvoyant intuition may come to one very strongly and explaining it, one says "Oh, I saw it!"
Do you have this inner eye, BAM????
Tribute to Datuk Misbun Sidek and Datuk Lee Chong Wei...

Have a nice day....

p/s: Special thanks to The Sacred World Foundation.

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