Saturday, January 22, 2011

LEE CHONG WEI vs CHEN LONG - LIVE...... Malaysian Open 2011

Date: 22nd January 2011 
Venue: Bukit Jalil Putra Stadium
Occasion: Malaysian Open Super Series Badminton Tournament. (Semi-Final)

1st Set: Chong Wei first. Chong Wei to serve...
1-0 Net play.
1-1 Net play
2-3 Pushed out by Chong Wei
2-4 Ball in at base line.
3-4 Smash by LCW
4-4 Drop by LCW
5-4 Pushed out by CL
6-4 Smashed by LCW
7-4 Drop by LCW
7-5 Out by LCW
8-5 Pushed out by CL
8-6 Smashed into the net by LCW. Rare mistake.
9-6 Cross court smash by LCW
10-6 Out by CL
11-6 Drop by LCW.
Break - Misbun is around, giving pep-talk...
12-6 Half court smash by LCW
13-6 Flick shot by LCW.
14-6 Drop out by CL
14-7 Out by LCW
15-7 Pushed out by CL
16-7 Smash into net by CL
17-7 LCW in full control..
17-8 Out by LCW
18-8 Drive out by CL
19-8 Out again
20-8 Drop by LCW
20-9 Drop by CL
21-9 Smashed out by CL...
1st Set to Lee Chong Wei 21-9

2nd Set:
2-0 point from serve.
3-0 miss cue by CL
4-0 out by CL
5-0 wide by CL
6-0 net play by LCW
6-1 sideline smash by CL
7-1 half court smash by LCW
9-1 smash by LCW
10-2 cool..
10-3 after a long rally
11-3 smashed by LCW.
Break.. Misbun giving tips again...
11-4 Way out by LCW
12-4 Net by LCW
13-4 Out by CL
14-4 CL being played around by LCW
14-5 Smashed by CL..
15-5 Into the net by CL
15-6 Drive by CL
15-7 Smash by CL
15-8 Drive out by LCW
16-8 Pushed out by CL
17-8 Out by CL
18-8 Sideline smash by LCW
19-8 Out at baseline
20-8 What a play by Lee Chong Wei.... Fuuuhhh!!!
20-9 Smash by CL
21-9 Game to Lee Chong Wei... 21-9, 21-9.

Lee Chong Wei vs Taufik Hidayat in the FINALS tomorrow...
Have a nice day.....

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