Sunday, January 9, 2011


Date: 9th January 2011
Venue: Taipei, Taiwan.
Time: 2.00pm Taipei Time. (0600 hrs GMT).
Hello..Welcome to Taipei..
It's the Men's Singles Badminton Super Series Final. Lee Chong Wei of Malaysia versus Peter Gade of Denmark..
Lee Chong Wei to serve...
1st Set:
1-0 Chong Wei smashed...
1-1 Ball pushed out.
2-1 Net.
2-2 Smashed out by Chong Wei
3-2 Smashed by Chong Wei.
4-2 Smashed by Chong Wei
5-2 Body smash by Chong Wei
5-3 Ball pushed out by Chong Wei
6-3 Cross court smash by Chong Wei
6-4 Smashed by Peter Gade
6-5 Dropped out by Chong Wei
7-5 Smashed into net by Peter Gade
8-5 Into the net by Peter
9-5 Pushed out by Peter
9-6 After a long rally
10-6 Base line by Chong Wei
11-6 Sideline smash by Chong Wei..   wooo, very fast game !!
12-6 Net play.
13-6 Smashed by Chong Wei
14-6 Smashed into net by Peter Gade
14-7 Into net by Chong Wei
15-7 Just out by Peter
15-8 Dropped by Peter. Brilliant move...
16-8 Out by Peter.
17-8 Dropped by Chong Wei
18-8 Explosive smash by Chong Wei. Empire smiling...
18-9 Dropped by Peter
19-9 Out by Peter. Ball called in, empire overruled..
20-9 Sideline smash by Chong Wei
21-9 First game to Lee Chong Wei... Both players playing well, very fast game...
2nd Set:
1-0  Ball pushed out by Peter Gade
2-0  Ball pushed out again. Peter Gade changed racket...
3-0  Twice smash by Chong Wei.
3-1  Smashed by Peter
3-2  Long rally, pushed out by Chong Wei
3-3  Net play by Peter
4-3  Just out by Peter.
4-4  Smashed by Peter
5-4  Great smash by Chong Wei
6-4  Into the net by Peter
6-5  Good net play by Peter..
7-5  Mistake by Peter.
7-6  Backhand smash by Peter.
8-6  Pushed out by Peter
9-6  Half court smash by Chong Wei
10-6 Pushed into net by Peter
10-7 Out by Chong Wei
11-7 Drive out by Peter.. Another fast game..
12-7 Pushed out by Peter Gade
12-8 Smashed by Peter.
13-8 Net by Chong Wei
14-8 Brilliant move by Chong Wei
14-9 Fore hand smash by Peter..
14-10 Bad mistake by Chong Wei at the net
14-11 Error by Chong Wei
15-11 Overhead smash by Chong Wei
16-11 Net play won by Chong Wei
17-11 Good rally won by Chong Wei
17-12 Net shot by Peter Gade
17-13 Good move by Peter. Chong Wei caught off guard.
18-13 Ball just trip into Peter's court at net. Peter makes fun...
19-13 Drive by Chong Wei..
19-14 Well deserve point for Peter after long, long rally...
20-15 Half court smash by Chong Wei. Match point...
21-15 Super Series title to LEE CHONG WEI !!!!!!  Straight sets: 21-9, 21-15.
Chong Wei holds the Malaysian Flag...., raises it in the air....., very patriotic !!!!
Congratulatuions MISBUN SIDEK!!!!!!!! You've proven it !!!!
Medal Ceremony - Chong Wei wrapped in the Malaysian Flag, received USD 40,000.
Well deserved Champion - Lee Chong Wei of Malaysia, coached by Misbun Sidek.

Have a nice day....

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