Sunday, January 23, 2011

LEE CHONG WEI vs TAUFIK HIDAYAT - LIVE..... Malaysian Open 2011 - Finals

It's the Finals today. Lee Chong Wei is going for a record 7th Malaysian Open title..
It's versus his best friend, Taufik Hidayat of Indonesia... Both players are on top form.. This will be interesting..
The match will start in 10 minutes' time..
Stay tuned....
6.10pm: The Women's double final in still on at the moment. China vs China.. All the "ahh" and "aah" are on...
I wonder... is that the sound of all Chinese women??? I hope my son can answer that. He is on a "one month Chinese New Year holidays" now...
6.15pm: OMG...!!! the crowd... All waiting for the Grand Finals...  Full House at the Putra Stadium in Bukit Jalil.. The noise.. wooohh !!! Fantastic... If only I could upload the "live" pictures now....
6.20pm: The roar .... it's the umpires entering the Stadium !!! hah ha.....
6.21pm: Yes..... it's the players entering the arena. Chong Wei in yellow and Taufik in red.... Thunderous cheers...
6.23pm: Both players are the best of friends... Warming up now...  MISBUN SIDEK is around, in white shirt...
OK.., let's get started..

1st Set: Chong Wei first.... Chong Wei to serve...
1-0 Smash by LCW
1-1 Bad net play by LCW
2-1 Sideline drop by LCW
2-2 smashed out by LCW
3-2 sideline drop again by LCW
3-3 Drive by Taufik
4-3 Long rally won by LCW
4-4 Baseline lob by Taufik
4-5 Baseline again by Taufik.
5-5 Good netplay by LCW
6-5 Smash by LCW..., half court.
7-5 Push out by Taufik
8-5 Out again by Taufik
8-6 Net play by Taufik
9-6 Flick serve - out by taufik
10-6 Net play by LCW
10-7 Cross court smash by Taufik
11-7 Cross court smash by LCW
Break... both players playing very well.....
12-7 Smash by LCW
13-7 Cross court drive by LCW
13-8 Smash by Taufik
14-8 Pushed out by Taufik
15-8 Nice move by LCW. Drived ball to base line
16-8 Taufik under pressure..
17-8 Net play by LCW
18-8 Sharp drop by LCW
19-8 Net play by LCW
20-8 Net play by LCW
21-8 Net play by LCW again...  LCW won first set 21-8
Misbun giving tips to LCW...

2nd Set:
1-0 Smash by LCW
2-0 Pushed out by Taufik
2-1 ball in..
3-1 smash by LCW
3-2 error by LCW
4-2 out at baseline by Taufik
5-2 sharp drop by LCW
6-2 Net error by Taufik
6-3 Mistake by LCW in serve.
6-4 missed that point..
7-4 smash by LCW
8-4 out by Taufik at baseline
9-4 good move by LCW
10-4 flick at net by LCW
11-4 good net play by LCW again
Misbun said "Keep going" - only two words..
12-4 net play
12-5 smash by Taufik
13-5 flick drive by LCW
14-5 pushed out by Taufik
15-5 LCW in control. Taufik looking tired..
16-5 Cross court by LCW
16-6 Half court smash by Taufik
16-7 Wide by LCW
16-8 out by LCW
17-8 pushed out by Taufik
18-8 mistake by Taufik
18-9 mistake by LCW
18-10 wide by LCW
18-11 sideline smash by Taufik
18-12 net play by Taufik
18-13 net play again by Taufik
18-14 smash by Taufik
18-15 net play by Taufik.
18-16 net again by Taufik
18-17 smash by Taufik
19-17 smash and another smash by LCW
20-17 net play by LCW
21-17 Game to Lee Chong Wei....
The two best friends... in and out of court...
Lee Chong Wei finds Misbun first, hugged him... Then ran to Taufik Hidayat...and Taufik hugged him !!! Very good sportsmanship... These two guys are the BEST of friends !!!!
And... they still shake hands in a friendship manner during the interview session immediately after the game.. OOOhh, this is nice.. Taufik said: "I hope to see Chong Wei again in next week Korean Open" and they shook hands again....
The 7th Malaysian Open title by Lee Chong Wei...
Congrates LEE CHONG WEI !!!!! Don't ever forget Misbun Sidek !!!

Have a nice day....

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