Tuesday, January 4, 2011

MISBUN SIDEK Controversy..

When a very, very successful coach steps down as a coach, something is not right with the officials, not the coach..
The on going crisis in BAM (Badminton Association of Malaysia) involving the stepping down of Malaysia's singles coach, Misbun Sidek, came as a shock to the badminton world, not just Malaysia. Misbun tendered his resignation yesterday, 3th January, 2011.
Misbun Sidek is the personal coach of Lee Chong Wei, the current World Number 1. Misbun have coached 2 Malaysian singles player to win the prestigious All England Singles title, namely Hafiz Hashim (2002) and Lee Chong Wei (2010). That shows his capability in coaching badminton players. I don't think anybody will argue with that fact, except of course, BAM.
Somebody in the BAM is not happy with him, I suppose... Recently, some wise guy in the BAM, made a reshuffle in the athletes under Misbun. He made an appeal to have his athletes back under him, but was not attended to. He then requested for his son, Misbun Ramdan, to be under his charge. Again, the BAM officials refused to attend to his request...  Something fishy here...
Two days before he tendered his resignation, he told his players to take care of themselves... He broke down and cried... That shows how much he loved his job and his country. But BAM didn't see that, of course !!!
The only way to settle this problem is for the National Sports Council (NSC) to step in. Over to you - Mr. Zolkples Embong....

NSC will only step in if they are asked to resolve crisis

KUALA LUMPUR: The National Sports Council (NSC) will not interfere unless they are asked to do so to subdue the storm in the Badminton Association of Malaysia (BAM) caused by the resignation of coach Misbun Sidek.
Their director general, Datuk Zolkples Embong, said yesterday that it was only right to allow the BAM the space and time to settle their “house” matters.
“The BAM have informed me of Misbun’s resignation. They are taking the right steps. We will only help to mediate if we are asked to step in,” he said.
“But we are shocked and disappointed over is happening and hopefully, it will be resolved amicably. We do not want it to affect our Road to London programme.”
Meanwhile, Zolkples said that the NSC had slashed their budget for the BAM.
“We have reduced our budget for all associations, including the BAM. There was a meeting a few weeks back and there were reviews on tournaments,” he said.
“All the coaches are aware of it. The athletes cannot take part in some tournaments and if they choose to compete, they have to bear the expenses. There were no objections to the matter, then.”
The Star

I know how it feels and how it hurts when you are in this situation, Mr. Misbun Sidek. I think you've made the correct choice, and I salute what you're doing.... Long Live MISBUN SIDEK !!!! I'm behind you...

Have a nice day...


Bijen M. said...

Everybody are in the Misbun's side.
Hope the issue solve soon.

DESS said...

yes, I agree after what he has done to Malaysia.. Unfortunately, we have stupid officials in BAM...

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