Saturday, February 26, 2011

Simple Lunch at Home...

After lots of traveling and busy with work most of the time..., I finally had some home cooking for lunch today..
The menu: simple...
1. Daging masak merah - beef fried with tomato sauce, chilly sauce, oyster sauce and some other small ingredients.
2. Udang masak padprit - prawns fried with vegetables mixed with herbs such as lemon grass, plus tomato and chilly sauce.
3. Kerabu mempelam sala - Sala mangoes mixed with onion, small green chillies and dried shrimps.
4. Sambal mempelam bemban - an appetizer mixed with belacan.
5. Ulam - fresh edible leaves/shoots.

All of the above eaten with white rice....
How nice..

Have a nice day....

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