Thursday, February 17, 2011

SMK Derma's 2 New Blocks...

Today, Thursday 17th February 2011, the last stage of inspecting the 2 new blocks was done this morning. If everything goes smoothly, SMK Derma will get the two new blocks by March 2011.
There will be a new school office with the Principal's office, the Senior Assistant's office and the other 3 vice Principal's offices, followed by the Head of Departments' offices. All will be on the 1st floor.
The Staff room (teacher's room) will be on the ground floor, together with the Sports' center and the students' changing room with shower facilities...
See these photos:
New Block 1.
 New Block 2
 The new office..
the corridor..
The staff room..
 the Maths lab...
 the Music Studio...
 the Open Hall.. for debates, and so on..
 the new toilet..
 Shower room..
 the school field from the 3rd floor of the new Block..

More photos in my facebook...
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