Sunday, February 13, 2011

Tuition Classes - Who really needs one?

It's a trend. Parents sending their children to tuition classes, irrespective of the child's performance in school.. I wonder why??
1. Is the class subject teacher that bad?
2. Is the subject that difficult to master in class?
3. Is your child that bad in that subject?
4. Does he/she pay attention in class???  This is a good one..

1.  Subject Teachers in schools are qualified teachers. They major in these subjects in varsities and are trained to teach that subject. They have no reason whatsoever for not able to teach well in their subject, considering doing that subject as their major subject of teaching. There are master teachers too... Usually these master teachers have at least 20 years experience in teaching that particular subject. And if students get these master teachers teaching them in school, they have no right to find another teacher for their tuition classes.

2.  Which subject is difficult to digest?
     Languages - You need to read more. You need to converse in that language more. Exercises in classrooms are well good enough for you to score an A.
     Science - Pay attention in class and do the practicals yourself. That's the rudiments of mastering science subjects, including Biology, Chemistry and Physics... The concepts are the important part of learning science subjects...
     History/Geography - Read and read.. Get the facts right. The facts are there for you to know and master. It's that easy. It will be difficult if you miss classes...
     Maths - Same as science. Get the facts right. Do your homework and DON'T copy solutions and answers from your friend's exercise books.... Making mistakes in your Maths exercises is a common thing to do. But, you have to do your corrections !!! That will help you understand the real concept. Maths is about concepts.. If your concept is right, you won't encounter problems solving Mathematical exercises...

3.  If a student is not doing well in a particular subject, get to the bottom of the problem. He or she might just be NOT interested in that subject. This is the usual problem. It's not the teacher, although sometimes it does happen that a student lost interest in a particular subject due to a particular teacher's doing...

4.  Paying attention in class is the MAIN problem here... I think, this is the main reason why students go for tuition classes... And, they go to tuition teachers who are less experience and with little knowledge of the subject. Hu, hu... They have good and master teachers in school, but still choose to go to tuition classes. And they pay these "under qualified" tuition teachers for their services. They refuse to learn for FREE in school !!!
To make matters worst, they skip extra classes in schools to go for tuition classes, citing reasons that they had paid for their tuition classes !!!
I think it is better to have extra classes in schools where students have to pay for it...

What's your comment ???


Anonymous said...

we have tutorial classes but its like an extra class. we don't pay for it.

Anonymous said...

what about teachers who do not teach, do not want to teach or even a PKHEM who says "I have no time to answer your questions"....What do you expect the students to do? Teachers in school are not interested in finishing their syllabus. I should know, having been a teacher for 30 years and having had innumerable quarrels over this matter with my friends. Their excuse...the students can do it themselves. My question.. what are we here for. They even tell the students to go and get the answers from the tuition teacher. I have had to deal with such complaints from poor parents who cannot afford tuition.

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