Thursday, March 17, 2011

Dinner at Home...

Having dinner with my family, minus a son who is in Beijing, studying....
We had:
1.  Ikan keli goreng (local catfish, deep fried) - 6 o'clock (refer photo)
2.  Ikan bilis masak tumis (anchovies cooked with chillies) - 1 o'clock.
3.  Masak lemak taugeh dengan telur (bean sprout cooked with coconut milk, mixed with eggs) - 3 o'clock.
4.  Sambal belacan belimbing buluh (local appetizer-prawn paste mixed with chillies and Averrhoa bilimbi) - center (photo).
5.  Ulam daun kari, bendi dan belimbing buluh (fresh shoots of the curry leaves, ladies finger and Averrhoa bilimbi) - 9 o'clock.
6.  Mempelam "tong dam" ("tong dam" mangoes as dessert).- 11 o'clock.
All of the above, eaten with white rice, of course...

Have a nice day...

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