Sunday, March 6, 2011

Grand Super Sunday - LIVERPOOL vs MAN UTD - Live Commentary..

The BIG game of the season... Liverpool vs Man Utd. at Anfield..
Line up is as above...

1st Half:
00 min: Kick off to Man U. Man U in white.
02 min: 1st attack by Liverpool.
04 min: Shot by Rodriguez - wide
07 min: Suarez shot wide..
10 min: ManU attack fumbled
12 min: Berbatov's tame shot at goal..
14 min: Corner to Liverpool. Nothing..
15 min: Berbatov shot - just wide..
17 min: Good move by Liverpool. Kuyt missed by inches..
20 min: Balance game.
22 min: Corner to ManU. Aurelio injured. Substituted by Krygiakos.
27 min: Berbatov offside..
28 min: Berbatov offside again..
30 min: Liverpool 0   ManU 0
31 min: Free kick to Liverpool, just outside the box. Gerrard..... corner.
A touch of genius from Luis Suarez...and Dirk Kuyt scores...  1-0 to Liverpool.
39 min: Kuyt....  GGGOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLL !!!!!  2-0 Liverpool...
44 min: Nani playing his childish act...,as usual. Yellow card to Carragher. Van der Sar protest and gets a yellow too....
45+1:  Nani being stretchered out....
45+4 : Another commotion involving players from both teams again... Yellow cards to Rafael and Skrtel.
45+5:  Half time. Liverpool 2-0.

2nd Half:
46 min: Liverpool attacking.
48 min: Gerrard missed a golden chance...
53 min: Man U attacking now.. Giggs....nothing.
58 min: Corner to Man U.
59 min: Free Kick to ManU just outside the box. Giggs... off target.
62 min: Rooney..off target, well wide.
63 min: Free kick to Liverpool. 35 yards out.
64 min: GGGGGGGGOOOOOLLLLLLL !!!!!! Dirk Kuyt again.... 3-0.
70 min: Game controlled by Liverpool tonight.
73 min: Andrew Carroll being introduced.... Gets the first touch (header).
76 min: Free kick to ManU. Wasted.
80 min: Looks like a certain 3 points to Liverpool.
83 min: Yellow card to Paul Scholes...
84 min: Shot by Gerrard..missed by inches.. Not bad.
88 min: Joe Cole in. Suarez out.
89 min: Shot by Gerrard. Just missed it again....
90 min: 3 minutes added time.
90+1: Free header by Hernandez. 3-1.
Game over...
Liverpool 3   Man Utd 1
Dirk Kuyt celebrating.....
Have a nice day....

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