Thursday, March 31, 2011

Perlis Flood - Situation: DEFCON 3.

Date: 31st March 2011 (Thursday).
Time: 10.00am
Weather: Sunshine in the morning, expected rain in the late afternoon.
Flood Situation: DEFCON 3.
 all six doors opened..
Road Closed....
It was a relief to see sunshine this morning... No rain for the moment, maybe in the late afternoon or early evening.
But, roads still remain closed because the water level in most places are still knee high. Water from the dam is still flowing out (all six doors opened) but at a slower phase..
Traffic from outside entering Kangar are adviced not to do so yet.., except for 4x4's.
A few shots I took around Kangar this morning:
Usain Bolt (Kangar's version) in town..

Have a nice day....

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mcm ni lah said...

wahhh masa yang terbaik untuk menjala dan memancing ikan

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