Thursday, March 10, 2011

Visitor From MALAWI...

Today, a visitor from Malawi paid a visit to my Blog. He or she happens to be the 127th country to visit my Blog. Thank You...
Fast facts and figures:

President: Bingu wa Mutharika (2004)
Land area: 36,324 sq mi (94,079 sq km); total area: 45,745 sq mi (118,480 sq km)
Population (2010 est.): 15,447,500 (growth rate: 2.7%); birth rate: 41.3/1000; infant mortality rate: 83.5/1000; life expectancy: 50.9; density per sq km: 148
Capital (2003 est.): Lilongwe, 499,200
Largest city: Blantyre, 547,500
Monetary unit: Kwacha
Languages: Chichewa 57.2% (official), Chinyanja 12.8%, Chiyao 10.1%, Chitumbuka 9.5%, Chisena 2.7%, Chilomwe 2.4%, Chitonga 1.7%, other 3.6% (1998)
Ethnicity/race: Chewa, Nyanja, Tumbuko, Yao, Lomwe, Sena, Tonga, Ngoni, Ngonde, Asian, European
Religions: Christian 80%, Islam 13%, none 4% (1998)
National Holiday: Independence Day (Republic Day), July 6
Literacy rate: 63% (2003 est.)
Economic summary: GDP/PPP (2009 est.): $12.8 billion; per capita $900. Real growth rate: 5.9%. Inflation: 8.5%. Unemployment: n.a. Arable land: 20%. Agriculture: tobacco, sugarcane, cotton, tea, corn, potatoes, cassava (tapioca), sorghum, pulses, groundnuts, Macadamia nuts; cattle, goats. Labor force: 4.5 million (2001 est.); agriculture 90%, industry and services 10% (2003 est.). Industries: tobacco, tea, sugar, sawmill products, cement, consumer goods. Natural resources: limestone, arable land, hydropower, unexploited deposits of uranium, coal, and bauxite. Exports: $945 million (2009 est.): tobacco 60%, tea, sugar, cotton, coffee, peanuts, wood products, apparel. Imports: $1.62 billion (2009 est.): food, petroleum products, semimanufactures, consumer goods, transportation equipment. Major trading partners: South Africa, U.S., Germany, Egypt, UK, Mozambique, India, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Tanzania (2004).

Malawi is a landlocked country about the size of Pennsylvania. Located in southeast Africa, it is surrounded by Mozambique, Zambia, and Tanzania. Lake Malawi, formerly Lake Nyasa, occupies most of the country's eastern border. The north-south Rift Valley is flanked by mountain ranges and high plateau areas.

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