Saturday, April 16, 2011

Misbun Sidek is NO more Lee Chong Wei's coach??

What the hell is BAM (Badminton Association of Malaysia) doing?
News just came out that Lee Chong Wei is no more under his mentor/coach Misbun Sidek !!!
This is what happen when you have officials who are NOT coaches. Officials who are short sighted, arrogant, useless.....whatever !!!!

Just because Lee Chong Wei beat Lin Dan (at the All England recently) when Misbun Sidek was not around doesn't mean that Lee Chong Wei does not need Misbun.... This is what BAM thinks!! Short sighted, arrogant and it sucks!!!
Grow up BAM!!! Grow up....

Lee Chong Wei was all the way under Misbun since 2007. Misbun has turned Chong Wei into the world's number 1 player till today... He has won dozen of titles under Misbun.. And now..., the 2012 Olympics - Chong Wei will be under another coach, NOT Misbun Sidek...  

If Lee Chong Wei doesn't win the Olympics GOLD medal... YOU, BAM, will be blamed for your stupid move to separate these two sportsman well known worldwide... And the world will laugh at YOU - BAM !!!

BAM - May god BLAST you !!!!!

I am very angry now.....


Jiwa Badminton said...

the reason why BAM split these two is because chong wei himself stated in media that he does not need misbun anymore as he is comfortable with tey seu bock. now, what i really despise is.. why does chong wei made the statement of not needing misbun only after misbun decides to make u-turn to unite with BAM? to me, this is a humiliation to misbun sidek. if chong wei is really so comfortable with the 4 months training provided by tey seu bock compared to the more than 4 years training with misbun, the chong wei should make it public BEFORE misbun decides to make u-turn towards BAM, and that is only after shabery played his part. i look at this very similar to a malay parable "seperti kacang lupakan kulit". should chong wei really not comfortable if misbun makes u-turn to coaching him, chong wei SHOULD tell BEFORE misbun decides to unite with BAM for the sake of chong wei. this shows NO RESPECT towards a coach that has developed him for years until he is world number 1 today. if it is not misbun who scouted chong wei while he was a teenager, chong wei wouldn't be what he is today. just like samuel eto who was mocking real madrid when he was playing for barcelona then, he forgot that it was real madrid who scouted and detected his talents while he was in AFRICA!! My gosh!! didnt he realize that? betul-betul KACANG LUPAKAN KULIT. he must have forgotten it because he was at top of the world while he was with barcelona. now let us see this scenario in chong wei.. he basically forgotten where he came from. if it isn't because of misbun, chong wei wouldn't be what he is today. looking at this scenario, i really hope chong wei falls.. that one day.. he may realize that he has mistreated misbun..

DESS said...

Right on the dot!!! Thank you for the lengthy comment.

Lexiz7 said...

'Jiwa Badminton', you sir are an idiot. Dont post information, which you made up urself.
DESS: Read this, http://sport.malaysia.msn.com/commented/photogallery.aspx?cp-documentid=4555112

Anonymous said...

jiwa badminton xdo otak ke

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