Saturday, April 30, 2011

Sad Episode for Malaysian Badminton..

The decision made by the legendary Misbun Sidek not to continue coaching Malaysia under BAM goes into history as one of the sad episode in Malaysian badminton. I said "coaching under BAM"... You can never know what will happen in the near future...
From my point of view, it all started when BAM refused to accept Misbun's request to have his son, Misbun Ramdan, under his wing. If you know Misbun Sidek, you'll understand why... His son did not show any improvement under that "other coach". So, it's a descent request for him to ask BAM to put his son under him.

But, unprofessional and stupid BAM officials have other agendas in their mind... They somehow made his golden boy, Lee Chong Wei, to make a statement in the press stating that he doesn't mind if he is no more under Misbun Sidek. That statement was made during the three months when Misbun tendered his resignation letter on the 31st of December 2010. During that period, Lee Chong Wei had no personal coach. Rashid Sidek and Teh Sue Bock was put on charge. Coincidently, Lee Chong Wei beat the off form Lin Dan in the All England finals in February 2011.

Rashid Sidek was a gentleman and do not want to interfere with the Misbun/Chong Wei - BAM saga. He has the criteria of a true coach. Being professional and would not take advantage of situations faced by Misbun/Chong Wei. I respect you for that, Rashid....
But this other coach, coming from no where, unheard of before this..., took the golden opportunity to accept the role of being Chong Wei's coach. That's disgusting!!! Shame on you !! Any other coach will agree with me on this. But not BAM's stupid officials... Of course, it's an easy job to do. Chong Wei is already world's Number One. And he is world's number one made by Misbun Sidek, not Teh Sue Bock !!!

For the record:
1.   It was Misbun Sidek who spotted Lee Chong Wei during a talent scouting done in Penang.
2.   It was Misbun Sidek who first coached Lee Chong Wei from the very beginning.
3.   Somewhere in the middle, Chong Wei was put under coach Li Mao by BAM.
4.   When things didn't go smoothly for Chong Wei, Misbun requested to BAM to have Chong Wei under him in 2007.
5.   During this era, Chong Wei rose to stardom and became world's number one.
6.   Things go bad when Misbun requested to have his son under his care. Can you imagine that?? His own son cannot be under him?? That's BAM !!!
7.   Apart from Chong Wei, 3 other shuttlers enjoyed good fortune under Misbun. They were Roslin Hashim, Hafiz Hashim and his brother, Rashid Sidek.
8.   Lee Chong Wei was like his son. He left his family most of the time to be with Chong Wei all the time, for 4 years. And when he was not around for 3 months, Chong Wei left him....
9.   When Misbun tendered his resignation as BAM coach in December, Lee Chong Wei made it public in the media that he will follow Misbun wherever he goes... Everybody applauded his stand. Who changed his mind?? My guess is as good as yours....

I know (as a former national athletics coach, myself) how sad Misbun is now... I know how dejected and frustrated he is when Lee Chong Wei said he doesn't need Misbun anymore.. If I am Misbun, I would also do what he did last 28th April, 2011 - to reject the BAM's new offer.What's the point giving lots of perks when you are not happy....  Put Chong Wei and Misbun Ramdan under Misbun Sidek. He will be happy !!! Everybody will be happy too... Is that difficult to do, BAM??

By Misbun's standard, BAM should have made Misbun Sidek the CHIEF of all Chief Coaches of BAM. That should have been the new contract. He should be the one who have the super power in coaching, choosing players and assigning them to the other lower class coaches (just like Li Yongbo of China). After all, he is the BEST Malaysian coach ever !!! Name me another Malaysian coach better than Misbun... Punch Gunalan? James Selvaraj? Teh Sue Bock? Razif Sidek? No one but MISBUN SIDEK !!!
BAM, where do you people learn your Sports Management from?? Madagascar??

And, what is the new contract all about? Misbun Sidek is to train and produce more clones of Lee Chong Wei.... And then, all the clones will be given to Teh Sue Bock once they mature and become world number 1 !!! So, Misbun do all the donkey job and Teh Sue Bock gets the 20% allocated for coaches whose athletes win Gold medals in the Olympics...(incentive from the government). %^$^$@#$%^*&*&^% !!!!!!!
INI TAK ADIL....!!!!

This is sad for Malaysian badminton.
All the best wishes to you Misbun Sidek..
And to Lee Chong Wei... I have nothing against you. Before this, I celebrated all your wins and had full of praise for you for making Malaysians proud...  But, beginning today I will NOT celebrate any of your success and will NEVER be proud of what you achieved... Sorry, but I think you have forgotten who brought you up to this level of success.... I guess you are just what our ancestors said "KACANG LUPAKAN KULIT". Sorry!!

Have a nice day...


oney said...

agreed with you Sir!
I think this article should be published somewhere. nice one!

DESS said...

Maybe later.. I'm compiling more facts and figures. Thanks for the thoughts...

keretalembu said...

For me, misbun's resignation was more to CTC and his unfulfilled wishes..
I believe misbun will hang his racket for a couple years maybe..
and believe me, BAM will seek for help from misbun someday to coach their player when things go wrong for them..
this is typical Malaysia's sports management.. our sport is run by the 'talk too much and think they know everything" person/politician..
a very2 sad moment for badminton..

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