Sunday, April 24, 2011

Watch your diet, kids.....

Suddenly, everybody is so conscious about food sold in school canteens... It seems that a lot of school kids are overweight or obese these days...
Question 1: Are school canteens to be blamed?
Answer:  Not 100%.

Question 2: Are parents that are supposed to be blamed?
Answer: YES !!! 100%.

Why do I say Yes?
Why not? Parents are 100% responsible for their child's diet. They are the ones who feed their child from the very first day of birth. It starts with the milk supplied to their child. Breast fed? Or cow's milk fed? You...,  parents answer that question..
As the child grows up, what sort of food is served to the child for breakfast, lunch and dinner? Let's put is this way... What do you, parents, eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner? That's what your children eat..
How often do you take your family to KFCs? Pizza Huts? McDonald's? Kenny Roger's? There's a Malay saying that says "Tepuk dada, tanya selera".. , which means "ask yourself, and you'll get the answer".

How much do you give your child for his/her school pocket money? RM10 a day? RM5 a day?
That's too much, actually.. Why? Because the school canteen is not a 5-Star restaurant. The prices of food at the school canteen are very low. A plate of rice with chicken doesn't cost more that RM2.50 (in Perlis, it costs only RM1.50). A plate of noodles only cost RM1.50 (in Perlis, it is RM1.00). Drinks usually cost below RM1.00.
Whatever it is, we are more concerned about your daily diet. Be it in school or most of the time, at home..
We are more concerned about your Calories intake everyday... What type of food do you take everyday. What is your diet....

Snacks and drinks for primary school children during recess should not be more than 250 calories. Lunch should not be more than 400 calories. So is your dinner... If you're aware of these calories intake, then you should not worry about your physical shape...
Do you know how much calories are there in your daily food?? Hmmmm... I've already guess that. Malaysians are always not into it.. They don't care... I'll give some, in case you wanna know:
1.   Fried Rice  -  a plate (159g) - 313 Calories (Kcal)
2.   Briyani Rice - a plate (159g) - 222 Kcal
3.   Chicken Rice - a plate (159g) - 350 Kcal
4.   Nasi lemak set - a plate (210g) - 494 Kcal
5.   Fried koay teow - a plate (170g) - 293 Kcal
6.   Fried meehoon - a plate (199g) - 250 Kcal
7.   Noodle curry - 1 medium bowl (355g) - 463 Kcal
8.   Mee soup - 1 medium bowl (371g) - 228 Kcal
9.   Porridge - 1 medium bowl (273g) - 104 Kcal
10. Chapati - 1 slice (60g) - 187 Kcal
11. Burger - 1 set (100g) - 255 Kcal
12. Curry puff - 1 piece (37g) - 131 Kcal
13. Pau - 1 piece (67g) - 205 Kcal
14. Doughnut - 1 piece (42g) - 164 Kcal
15. Keropok lekor - 5 pcs (33g) - 167 Kcal
16. Nugget - 4 pcs (80g) -232 Kcal
17. Bread (white) - 2 slices (56g) - 150 Kcal
18. Fresh fruit - 1 serving - 60 Kcal
19. Chocolate drink - 1 packet (250ml) - 138 Kcal
20. Fresh milk - 1 packet (250ml) - 120 Kcal
21. Yoghurt - 1 tub (200 ml) - 112 Kcal
22. Ice cream - 1 cone (157g) - 250 Kcal
23. Fruit juice - 1 packet (250ml) - 110 Kcal
24. Barley water - 1 glass (237ml) - 55 Kcal
25. Soya drink - 1 packet (250ml) - 138 Kcal
26. Mineral Water - 1 botol (whatever size) - Nil.

That's some Malaysian food for your knowledge.. Might be of some help..
Keep fit with a healthy diet...
Have a nice day...

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