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Award Scholarships to the Correct Candidates..

These few days, a lot of complains are being made to the PSD (JPA) on the scholarships issue. In fact, politicians themselves are the ones making waves in the newspapers after getting complains from unsatisfied students and their rich parents. The phenomena here is simply the case of envy...
Let's go into details.
The government made a "mistake" by stating that students getting 8A+'s in the SPM will get the PSD scholarships. To me, that was a big "mistake". You just cannot award free scholarships based on exam results. Look at the individual student before giving them free money!! Straight A's students are not necessarily the good ones. You can never understand this...unless you yourself are teachers. Follow this:

1.  There are 2 types of bright students: the ACTIVE (A) type and the NOT ACTIVE (NA) type.
Type A will involve themselves in all school activities. They are the school prefects, the head boy, the head girl, the class monitors, the president of clubs, house heads, school runners, state players...you name it !!!
Type NA is the cheeky type who goes to tuition classes everyday and don't have time for school activities. They don't come for house practices, shy away from standard sports, never want to get involved in school organisations, giving stupid excuses for coming late to school everyday. All they think is getting A's in all subjects in all exams... One or two of this type of students might represent the school in "Spell in Right" competitions or representing the school in debates and losing in the 1st round of competition.

2.  Type A of students are usually not well to be. Their parents are usually village folks with unstable income, teachers with low income, gardeners, guards, etc... I'm not belittling them, but facts remain facts. These students learn the hardship of life and are willing to struggle in life to succeed. They are the active ones in schools. They are self disciplined and accountable when holding school posts such as prefects, club's committee members. They don't go for private tuition classes because their parents couldn't afford to. They rely on the extra classes the school do in the afternoon after school hours. They come on Saturdays and Sundays to do school activities....

3.  Type NA of students are usually the arrogant ones. Their parents are filthy rich businessmen, contractors, lawyers... They live in 3 storey bungalows, come to school in BMWs and Mercedes. They usually come late to school giving all sorts of excuses. The fact is that their parents are the ones sending them late to school. These students always find excuses not coming for school activities. They are always busy with tuition classes day and night. They shy away from sports activities...

When it comes to SPM results, of course type NA will score straight A's. Some of them get 12 A+'s or 10A+'s and 2 A's or....whatever...
Type A will get 8A+'s and 1 B+.. The B+ is accidental, usually... Unlucky.  Some may even get 7 A's only.. But you cannot blame them for such an error after being so actively involved in school activities...

Not to award free scholarships to type NA is just the correct thing to do... For what? Why do we have to award free scholarships to type NA students who are already rich, not active in school, who are always against school regulations, who are well to be.... What else?
Even if you award these NA students, they still grumble for not getting the courses they want. What is the  problem? Worst still.... they don't come back to Malaysia after graduating.. They work in the country they graduated after using government's fund... and then settle down in a foreign country... Is that fair?
It is the type A students who should get the free scholarships... It's just the correct thing to do!!

Come see this newspaper's report:

Unhappy over PSD's explanation

KUALA LUMPUR: Datuk Dr Wee Ka Siong has dismissed the Public Service Department's (PSD) explanation for refusing to award scholarships to some full A+ students, saying priority should be given to the highest performing students.
The deputy education minister said he did not accept PSD director-general Datuk Seri Abu Bakar Abdullah's explanation on Thursday that the government awarded scholarships based on the manpower needs of the country and, therefore, were unable to award every student with their desired scholarship course.

"Of course, we understand that places in some high-demand courses such as medicine are limited.

"But that does not answer the question why some of those places are being awarded to the second-best instead of the creme de la creme (cream of the crop) in the country," Wee said yesterday.
He said the issue could easily be solved if the department had been diligent in following the cabinet's directive in awarding scholarships to the best and brightest students.

"When an aspiring medical student who scored 12A+ (in the Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia) is awarded a diploma scholarship in an unrelated field, while another who scored just 9A+ is awarded one in a medical degree course in an overseas university, obviously something is wrong," said Wee, who was also MCA Youth chief.

Wee had raised the issue last week when he revealed that some of the 363 full A+ students who should have received overseas scholarships did not get them, while others were given matriculation or diploma scholarships when they deserved scholarships for degree courses of their choice.

Other Barisan Nasional component party leaders agreed with Wee on the need for PSD to award its scholarships based on merit.

MIC vice-president Datuk S. K. Devamany suggested that a panel comprising members from the various BN component parties be set up to work with PSD and hear and handle appeals from disappointed students.

"We are, after all, representing the public and we should put their interests first."

He said the PSD should be clearer in explaining its selection criteria to aspiring scholars.

"These students are not fools. They deserve to know why their applications have been accepted or rejected.

"Why is the selection process so secretive?"

Devamany, who is also a deputy minister in the Prime Minister's Department, said his office had received more than 300 complaints over the matter, 32 of which came from students appealing for a change in the type of scholarship courses awarded.

"Among them were two aspiring medical students. One had scored 12A+ but had received a scholarship for a diploma course in animal farming, while another had scored 11A+ but received a diploma scholarship in English education.

"This is unfair. Even if these students did not make the cut for a medical degree programme, more effort must be made to ensure they are awarded degree courses in more closely-related fields such as pharmacy," he said, adding that while the cabinet's decision to award 8A+ scorers with PSD scholarships was welcomed, the implementation of the policy had been "disappointing".

"When there is such large discrepancy in how scholarships are awarded, it causes a lot of heartache and anger among students and parents.

"It looks bad on the government even though we are trying to do our best to help the people."

Human Resources Minister Datuk Dr S. Subramaniam said the PSD had to consider five criteria -- merit, race, household income of RM1,500 and below, disability and Bumiputera status for Sabah and Sarawak -- when awarding scholarships.

"This evaluation process has not been explained properly and created a lot of confusion and resentment among the students," he said, adding that efforts were under way to iron out the problems at the department.

He said the government normally awarded around 4,000 scholarships for courses in both local and foreign universities and around nine per cent of which were awarded to Indian students.

Around 45 per cent of the scholarships were given to non-Bumiputera students.

Meanwhile, Gerakan president Tan Sri Dr Koh Tsu Koon said instead of just publishing the names and their status of application, the PSD should also include the number of A's that a particular student had obtained and the course offered.

Koh, who is also a minister in the Prime Minister's Department, however, assured the pubic that the existing criteria in selecting qualified students, as decided by the cabinet, had always been fair as it prioritised excellent students from Sabah, Sarawak and rural areas who were in need of financial assistance.

The matter is expected to be raised at the cabinet meeting on Wednesday.

NST, 22 May 2011.

Now, you see what I mean???
Always demanding !!!
AWARD scholarships to those who really deserve !! Not only based on results !!!

Have a  nice day....

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