Tuesday, May 31, 2011

From KANGAR to KOH LANTA.. Day 1

8.00am: Shot off from Kangar to Padang Besar, 15 bikes this time. Distance = 35 km
8.35am: Filled full tank at Caltex Kiosk. Malaysian rate is RM1.90 per litre. Thailand's rate is 38.50 Baht (RM3.85). Gas filled = RM5.00 (50 Baht).
8.55am: Breakfast at Padang Besar, Malaysian side. Roti canai and teh tarik.
9.30am: Declared vehicle at Immigration Check Point and Travel documents..
10.15am: Into Thailand's territory - to Hat Yai via Padang Besa-Hat Yai highway. By passed Hat Yai at junction to Phatthalung.
12.45am: Stopped for gas on the way to Phatthalung. Distance covered = 122 km. Gas filled = 70 Baht.
3.30pm: Arrived at Trang, Thailand. Distance covered = 95 km.  Had lunch at a restaurant in front of the Trang Railway Station. Paid 1000 Baht for 15 pax (self service).

4.10pm: Moved on to Koh Lanta. Filled gas = 100 Baht.
5.20pm: Stopped to have a rest. Distance covered = 55 km.
6.45pm: Reached jetty to Koh Lanta. The ferry is every 20 minute until 10.00pm. It cost RM2.80 one way for bikers. I don't know about cars.. Distance covered = 57 km.
7.30pm: On the ferry to Koh Lanta. You have to take two ferries to get to the island. It was beginning to get dark...night was falling as we set foot on Koh Lanta.
8.10pm: Took the second ferry.
8.30pm: On the island of Koh Lanta.
9.00pm: Took our dinner by the roadside. We had fried rice and it cost 80 Baht (RM8.00) per plate.
10.00pm: Found a resort nearby and we checked in. The chalet cost only 700 Baht (RM70) per chalet.
11.00pm Call it a night after a journey of 374km from Kangar.

To be continued in the next post...
Have a nice day...


Man Bucit said...

nape tak pegi ikut wang klian? ikut sana lagi dekat kan?

saya cadang nak drive keta next month ke ko lanta nih ... ni chalet nama pe ni? tq

DESS said...

Kami selalu sangat ikut Wang Kelian dan Satun(memang lagi dekat). Itu sebab kami ikut Phatthalung pulak. Nak rasa jalan baru yang 70 km lebih jauh ke Trang.
Chalet terlalu banyak di Koh Lanta. Murah2 je.. Range RM 50 - RM 80 je.. The name of the chalet that we stayed is in the next post.. See it for yourself, TQ.

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