Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Harumanis Carnival 2011..

Date: 4th - 6th May, 2011.
Location: The Old Stadium, Datuk Sheikh Ahmad Stadium, Kangar.

I went to the "supposedly" held Harumanis Carnival at noon today. And there was nothing to see or buy... The local radio was promoting the event since 8.00am this morning.. What a shame..
No mangoes on sale at the Jabatan Pertanian kiosk. There were only two kiosks selling mangoes. One was selling harumanis mangoes at RM15 a kilo !!! Oh dear, pity those who turned out early...
The other kiosk was selling other varieties of mangoes, mostly from Thailand. They also sell the local Sala mangoes, but at RM5 per kilo... That's too much. Sala mangoes are at RM2 to RM3 per kilo only...

It's just a shame being a local when these things happened in front of you.. Sorry Perlis....
The main stage for the opening ceremony..
 posters? Banners?
 The young, unripe, Harumanis mangoes..
 the ripe Harumanis mangoes..
The kampung harumanis that cost RM15 per kilo  today...
The not-so-young seedlings.., but not for sale!!
 Just for display.... No fruits for sale this afternoon..
 The early birds..., at noon..

Not too happy today...

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