Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The "Keriang Dot" fruit..

It's a local fruit in Perlis and Kedah.
They call it KERIANG DOT. I don't know the scientific name for this fruit. I tried to find it in the net, but couldn't find it. There are articles on this fruit, mainly in Malay..., but nobody seems to know the scientific name for it. I'll keep searching for it....
the trees can grow up to 15 meters high..
 the fruits as they are on the branches..
Before today, the Keriang Dot can easily be found in the forest and in villages but now the fruit is more difficult to obtain. It can be considered as an endangered species and might one day extinct if we don't do something. Most of the trees available are being chopped down these days.. I'm afraid the younger generations won't be able to recognize this fruit in the near future...
Keriang Dot trees bear fruits only once a year around April and May and its fruit will change color to black when fully ripe, leaving a blackish purple colour on the tongue when eaten. The trees can grow to about 10-15 meters tall.
The fruit has a sweet taste but a little "kelat" when really ripe, and it's rich in nutrients. The village folks says that the fruits can heal diabetic patients. 
the seeds too have medical values..
The fruit is said to possess medical values and can be commercialized if scientific studies are conducted on the overall nutritional value.
Well..., that's what the village folks told me. I personally think so, though..

Have a nice day...

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