Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A short stay in KOH LANTA, Thailand...

we stayed here..
It was nice. It was sweet. A sweet nice place to roam around the island.... There were many beautiful beaches.., clean, raw beautiful beaches..
The hotels and chalets were very cheap.. The chalet that I stayed in for the night only cost 700 Baht (RM70). There were 2 big beds, a family could stay in...
Food wasn't a problem at all. A lot of stalls and restaurants. A bit expensive compared to the mainland, of course...., but that's normal.., as long as it's good..
 white sandy beach..
6.45am: Walked around the beach in front of the chalet.. nice cool breeze with white sandy beach.
 local girl selling fried chicken with glutinous rice..
I had this for breakfast..
7.30am; Went out for breakfast and ride around the island.  
8.30am: Island tour on bikes...
Koh Lanta girl working at the resort..

Have a nice day...

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