Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The TONG DAM mangoes..

The Tong Dam mangoes...
I went to the Kangar's night market a few minutes ago, as usual, on every Wednesday evening..
I saw a lot of mangoes on sale. The harumanis variety was on sale..., at RM12.00 per kilo. These are the "kampung" variety. Nobody rushed for them... It's too expensive..
A few stalls nearby, I could see some Thai mangoes on sale. There was this variety, almost similar in taste as the harumanis..., the Tong Dam. It was selling at RM4.00 per kilo. I bought 3 kilos and paid RM10.00 for them at a discount price.

Now, just imagine the price difference. I would have paid RM36.00 for 3 kilos of harumanis, usually 6 or 7 fruits of the harumanis. I paid RM10.00 for 3 kilos of the Tong Dam and I got 12 fruits of the Tong Dam. The size of these two variety of mangoes are about the same, with the harumanis a little bit heavier. The taste is about the same...
Why does this happen? A local fruit being sold so expensively, while the imported fruit selling so cheap...
I just hate this situation... Think about it..

Have a nice day...


shahrul said...

Hi Dess,

It's nice to read your 'transparent' postings about harumanis & all other mangoes in Perlis. I'm from PJ but been working at UiTM Arau since the last 4+ months. I'm planning to go back to PJ tomorrow and am contemplating of buying some harumanis as 'buah tangan' (i've never tried any harumanis before.. so i was thinking of buying a mere kilo lest the taste be not up to my expectation).

However, after reading your posting above about Tong Dam mangoes, I really need to have your honest confirmation: Are harumanis & tong nam almost 100% identical in taste? If they are, I should scrap my initial 'harumanis plan' and replace it with 'tong dam' plan instead.

BTW, are tong dam mangoes available at Pasar Malam Pauh as well (i'm planning to go there later today)?

DESS said...

Sorry Shahrul for the late reply. I could not sign in due to some technical problem by Blogspot.
Yes, I think Pasar Malam Pauh sells Tong Dam. I tell you what.. Why not buy both types of mangoes and taste the difference.
Good Luck to you..

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