Thursday, June 30, 2011

School Sports Day - Day 1.

SMK Derma is having the annual Sports day beginning today till next Monday...
The Form 1 students are categorized as Class 3. The Form 2's and Form 3's as Class 2 and the Form 4's. Form 5's and Form 6's as Class 1.
Today's events include the 100m, 400m, 800m, all the throws according to classes and the Long Jump for Class 3. The 4x100m relay was on. The Tug-of-War was also on...
Some photos here:
the Boys Class 1 century race...
 the 400m Girls class 2...
 the 800m Boys Class 1
 the 4x100m relay girls class 2.
 the tug-of-war...
 The winners - Raja House.
 must be the RED House supporters..
 "Peace" from us..

See you tomorrow....
Have a nice day.. 

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Malaysia vs Taiwan - World Cup Qualifying - LIVE..

It's another soccer game tonight. This time, it's the 2014 World Cup Asian qualifying - Malaysia vs Taiwan (Chinese Taipei) - first leg in Kuala Lumpur. The 2nd leg will be next Sunday, in Taiwan...
We go LIVE from Bukit Jalil, now....

Hello... Greetings from Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur...
Teams entering the Stadium now.. Malaysia in BLUE/White, and Chinese Taipei in White/White. Referee in Red...  Both national anthems now...
Kick off time - 8.45pm local time.

1st Half:
00:00. Malaysia to start. Corner to Malaysia in the 1st 30 sec.
01:00. Malaysian brought down in penalty box.... No penalty.
02:00. Shot at goal by Taiwan. Missed by inches..
04:00. Fast game by both teams. Shot at goal by Taiwan.., over the bar.
06:00. Shot at goal by M'sia - over the bar..
08:00. M'sia attacking again.. fruitless.
10:00. Free kick to Taiwan. 40 yards out. Straight to keeper.
12:00. Taiwan attacking. Good defending M'sia..
13:00. Play stopped. Taiwanese injured on the field..
15:00. Ball with M'sia. Shot at goal...saved by keeper.
17:00. Try from 40 yards out by M'sia. Off target.
20:00. Both teams trying long shots at goal.., looking for goals.., but off target.
21:00. 1st yellow card to Kunalan of M'sia.
22:00. Free kick to Taiwan - 35 yards. Foiled by defenders.
25:00. Still 0-0. Fair game.
26:00. No. 14 in for M'sia (1st substitution) - Abd Hadi Yahya.
27:50. GGGGOOOOOAAALLLLLLLLLL !!!!!! , Malaysia 1-0. Goal scored by Shafiq Rahim (no.8), M'sia's skipper.
30:00. M'sia still attacking...
33:00. Free kick to M'sia. Nothing..
37:00. Malaysia still attacking..
40:00. Still 1-0 to Malaysia.
43:00. Free kick to M'sia. Missed
44:00. Try from 40yrds by M'sia. Not bad.
45:00. 2 minutes added time.
45+2.  Half time.  Malaysia leading 1-0. Take your cup of tea....
1st goal scored by Shafiq Rahim (no. 8)
2nd Half:
46:00. Striker Safee Sali substituted.
47:00. Free kick to M'sia - wasted.
50:00. Corner to M'sia. Nice move. Back heal towards goal - off target.
51:00. Offside M'sia..., but slow motion shows ball was NOT offside !!!!
53:00. Corner to M'sia.  GGGOOOOAAALLLLLLLLLLL  !!!!  2-0.  Goal by No.7 (Aidil Zafuan)
57:00. Yellow card to M'sia's no.11.
59:00. Malaysian spirit high... attacking all the time..
63:00. Single attack by Taiwan - over the bar..
65:00. Still 2-0 to Malaysia.
72:00. M'sia attacking. Missed..
75:00. 15 mins to go. Corner to M'sia. Nothing.
76:00. Goal to Taiwan after lapse of concentration by Malaysian defenders.. 2-1 now.
79:00. Shot at goal by Taiwan... missed by inches.
83:00. Stale game now...
86:00. Taiwan doing the attacking now..
88:00. Two minute to go... score still 2-1.
90:00. 4 minutes added time.
90+2. Corner to M'sia. Over the bar.
90+4. Game over. Malaysia won 2-1.
See you on Sunday in Taipei!!!

Have a nice day...

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Durian Feast....

It's the durian season....
My close friend, Ustaz Bob, called me to come over to his place for a feast - the durian feast. The whole family went over to his house to enjoy this "king of fruits".
We really enjoyed it.... Thanks Mr. Bob.....
durians in wheel barrow..
 one big pot of glutinous rice...
add coconut milk to it..
my youngest daughter enjoying the food...
 the guests..
 Daeng Dhariry enjoying the durians...
 the left overs...

Have a nice day....

Monday, June 27, 2011

Visitors From SK JEJAWI....

We received visitors today, 37 students and 5 teachers of SK Jejawi, Perlis. I think this is the first time, a primary school come visiting our school....
Arrival at 10.30am..
 Greeting the visitors with smiles and handshakes..
 some briefings by the Senior Assistant.
 jotting down notes...
 badges as souvenirs...
wearing SMK Derma's button badge...
visiting our library..
the Lawn Bowls...
 the computer lab...
 our Japanese student at the lab with Suhail Qamil...
 SMK Derma + SK Jejawi....

Thanks for visiting.....
Have a nice day...

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Too many Women in PERLIS?

A recent survey shows that women outnumber men in Perlis, Penang, Kelantan and Kedah.
Perlis:-  91:100. (every 100 women, there's 91 men)
Penang:- 91:100
Kelantan:- 91:100
Kedah:- 99:100

Pahang (113:100) and Negeri Sembilan (114:100), however,  have more men than women.
Welcome to Perlis !!!

Have a nice day...

Friday, June 24, 2011

Experience Does Count....

ready for the job..
When the track and field season re-appears, it's the school sports day. That's the highlight of every school.
It looks easy to organize the yearly event.., but mind you.., there's a lot of "labour" jobs to be done on the school field..
You are lucky if your school have a track laid down. But, most schools in Malaysia don't have one. In Perlis alone, only one school - the Sports School - have the modern track laid down.
In SMK Derma, it's back to basis... The 400m track have to be constructed, or rather, oiling the track have to be done... There are 3 sports specialists in the school, but sad to say, none of them seems to have the knowledge to do the job. So.... this guy, a Maths teacher, and another guy, a Physics teacher, team up with 3 gardeners to take up the "labour" job..
It's not easy, because these two new "engineers" have to go to the field in between classes... Work have to be done in the morning because the school kids have their sports practice in the afternoon. Furthermore, the gardeners' working hours are from 7.00am to 3.00pm.. It took 4 days to finish a modified 4-8 lane athletics 400m track!!!
the inner lane constructed on the 1st day
 the kids practicing in the afternoon..
the next morning, continuing the unfinished job..
 the Physics teacher is also the school's senior assistant..
one of the House master organizing the house practice..
30 years ago, I was(second from front) on the same field in SMK Derma..
30 years ago.., doing the same job...

Experience does count, I guess..
You can "buy" a piece of certificate from the university , but you just cannot buy experience....

Have a  nice day..

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Malaysia vs Lebanon - Olympic Qualifying (2nd Leg) - LIVE.....

Date: 23rd June 2011
Time: 8.45pm
Venue: Bukit Jalil Stadium, Kuala Lumpur.
First Leg Score: 0 - 0.

Hello... It's the Olympic qualifying again..
Half an hour to kick off time...  Stay tune...

8.40pm: Both teams entering the Stadium. Malaysia in yellow/black, Lebanon in white/white.
8.45pm: Kick off. Referee from Japan.
1st Half:
00:00. Malaysia to start...
01:00. Yellow card to Gary Steven Robbat (M'sia's No.12) for bad tackle.. Stupid!!!
05:00. Lebanon doing the attacking.
06:00. 1st corner to Lebanon - saved.
08:00.  GGGGGGGGOOOOOOOAAALLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!! 1-0 Malaysia!!!! Goal scored by No.7- Irfan..
10:00. Lebanon attacking, looking for equaliser..
15:00. Still attack after attack by Lebanon.
17:00. M'sia still defending..
20:00. One nice move by M'sia.. foiled ..
23:00. Lebanon accused of diving.. No free kick.
25:00. God move from M'sia. Freekick to M'sia at edge of penalty box.
26:00. Play stopped. Lasers pointing to Lebanese keeper. OK, everything settled..
27:00. Free kick taken.. Ballooned...
30:00. Breakthrough on the left... missed kick in front of goal...
33:00. M'sia starting to have more attacks from the left..
36:00. Shot by Lebanon !! Hit the post!!  wwooooooh. Saved.
38:00. M'sia attacking now... Still in control..
40:00. Ball in M'sia's control  GGGGGOOOOOOAAAAALLLLLL !!!!!!    2-0.
           Goal scored by No.16 -Wan Zack Haikal - cool goal...
43:00. Another good move by M'sia.. Offside.
44:00. Another move by M'sia.  Saved by keeper.
44:30. Yellow card to Lebanon striker for diving in the box.
45:00. 2 mins added time.
45+1:  M'sia controlling game
45+2:  Half Time... MALAYSIA leading 2 - 0.
Take your tea break.....
Nawal, Lebanese singer..
2nd Half:
46:00. 1st strike from Lebanon., missed by 2 feet.
49:00. Good move by M'sia. Corner...Nothing..
50:00. 2nd yellow to No 12- Gary. M'sia left with 10 players.
51:00. Injury to M'sian keeper. Right shoulder injured bad.
53:00. Keeper Khairul Fahmi OK... Play continue..
54:00. Malaysia make first change - defender in, striker out.
56:00. Play getting rough..
60:00. Lebanon attacking...
63:00. Goal by Lebanon. Score: 2-1 now....
65:00. Yellow card to Lebanese striker..
66:00. Injury to Malaysian defender. M'sia left with 9 players on the field..
69:00. M'sia's injured No 3 substituted.
72:00. Lebanon attacking again.. Goal kick.
74:00. 10-men Malaysia doing all the defending. Lebanon attacking again and again..
76:00. 15 minutes to go, M'sia still defending the 1 goal advantage...
79:00. Break by M'sia. Taken down by Lebanon - yellow card to Lebanon defender.
80:00. Free kick to Lebanon. Fahmi erred..  corner to Lebanon. Saved by Keeper.
82:00. Lebanon attacking again. Pushed out.  Still in M'sia's territory.
84:00. Offside Lebanon.
85:00. Everybody's defending (M'sia).
87:00. Lebanon throwing everything....
88:00. Malaysian injured...
89:00. Substitution by M'sia..  1 minute to go....
90:00. 3 mins added time...
90+1:  Throw in to M'sia..
90+2:  1 minute to go.... throw in to M'sia.
90+3:  Last few seconds....  Game Over !!!!!!!
Malaysia won 2-1.............

Have a nice day........