Friday, June 3, 2011

Another stay in HAT YAI.... Day 3.

1.00pm: Started our journey back South bound. It was drizzling in Krabi. We had to stop several times when the rain got heavy...
4.00pm: Stopped for lunch in Trang after covering a distance of 130km. Stopped for gas refill too. Spent another RM10.00 for gas.
landmarks in Krabi
  lunch at this restaurant in Trang
 the Harumanis Bikers waiting for lunch.
5.10pm: Moved on to Phatthalung.
6.40pm: Reached junction to Hat Yai, by passed the town of Phatthalung. Distance covered = 65km. Stopped for a rest.
 the junction 92 km to Hat Yai..
taking a rest by the roadside
8.25pm: Gas refill about 30km to Hat Yai. Spent RM8.00 for gas. Distance covered = 68km.
we had problems with the DIAMOND Hotel in Hat Yai..
10.00pm: Reached Hat Yai city. We had problem checking in Diamond Hotel. The receptionist still wanted cash money although we gave our credit cards. The rate was 890 Baht (RM89) per room. We had to leave our passport as security. That was too much... It looked as though they didn't trust us. We left for another hotel... Mind you, there are more than 100 hotels in Hat Yai...  Remember - DON'T stay at the DIAMOND HOTEL in Hat Yai..., very FUSSY !!!

10.45pm: Checked in at the YONGDEE HOTEL. The rate is cheaper - 650 baht (RM65). The beds are big and the service was excellent. Just pay by cash or credit card and no need to leave your passport !!!
11.00pm: Took our dinner/supper in front of the Pink Lady Complex.
12.00pm: Call it a night after a very tiring journey from Krabi....
Hat Yai city at 8.00 am
Next day - 2nd June 2011: DAY 4
10.00am: Breakfast at the new look Salma restaurant - air conditioned with sliding door. Prices were revised and were cheaper than before. The roti canai telur now cost 20 Baht. Before, it was 25 baht.
 my breakfast, roti telor (RM2.00)
10.30am: Walked around town looking for something different in Hat Yai. This city always changes every now and then...
 jerseys of favourite players.
a Liverpool cap with a ManU logo..
something new in Hat Yai..
I thought I've seen this guy in Koh Lanta..
Lotus in town..
Chicken, anyone?
I didn't get to know the name of this fruit
you'll never walk alone in Hat Yai..
you buy the papers and get a banana ??
something new... for refreshments..

1.00pm: Checked out and headed home for Kangar... Was caught in the rain, heavy rain, all the way to the border.
4.00pm: Reached the border town of Dan Nok. Had our lunch at a restaurant. We had seafood tomyam, scrambled eggs and white rice, plus some vegetables and prawn paste.
5.30pm: Crossed the border and home in Malaysia....., in heavy rain !!!
6.30pm: Home.
**So, the Harumanis Bikers ended the 4 days expedition by bikes to Koh Lanta, Krabi, Ao Nang beach, Trang, Phatthalung and Hat Yai..
We had traveled a distance of 1001 km to and fro. Tired but we really enjoyed the expedition..

See you in the next trip... , probably Surat Thani and Koh Samui...
Have a nice day..


chaZaZed said...

bestnya sir.

Man Bucit said...

rasa nak beli walkie talkie kat hatyai nanti, ada suggestion ke nak beli kat mana? tq

DESS said...

There are a few shops selling different kinds/models of walkie talkie in Hatyai. It's somewhere in front of the Pink Lady complex. You can make your choice..

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