Friday, June 24, 2011

Experience Does Count....

ready for the job..
When the track and field season re-appears, it's the school sports day. That's the highlight of every school.
It looks easy to organize the yearly event.., but mind you.., there's a lot of "labour" jobs to be done on the school field..
You are lucky if your school have a track laid down. But, most schools in Malaysia don't have one. In Perlis alone, only one school - the Sports School - have the modern track laid down.
In SMK Derma, it's back to basis... The 400m track have to be constructed, or rather, oiling the track have to be done... There are 3 sports specialists in the school, but sad to say, none of them seems to have the knowledge to do the job. So.... this guy, a Maths teacher, and another guy, a Physics teacher, team up with 3 gardeners to take up the "labour" job..
It's not easy, because these two new "engineers" have to go to the field in between classes... Work have to be done in the morning because the school kids have their sports practice in the afternoon. Furthermore, the gardeners' working hours are from 7.00am to 3.00pm.. It took 4 days to finish a modified 4-8 lane athletics 400m track!!!
the inner lane constructed on the 1st day
 the kids practicing in the afternoon..
the next morning, continuing the unfinished job..
 the Physics teacher is also the school's senior assistant..
one of the House master organizing the house practice..
30 years ago, I was(second from front) on the same field in SMK Derma..
30 years ago.., doing the same job...

Experience does count, I guess..
You can "buy" a piece of certificate from the university , but you just cannot buy experience....

Have a  nice day..

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