Sunday, June 19, 2011

Lebanon vs Malaysia - Olympic Qualifying - LIVE...

It's the 2nd round of the Olympic 2012 Soccer Qualifying.
The campaign of Asian teams to grab the three automatic places in next year’s London Olympics Football Tournament continues when the first leg of second round qualifying kicks off with 12 matches played around the continent. Another berth is available for Asia through a continental playoff.
Eleven teams came through the first round that saw the continent’s lowest-ranked sides (based on the qualifiers and tournament proper at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing) clash over two legs (23 February and March 9) to join the 13 highest ranked teams in the second round.

India came through the first round with a 3-2 victory over Myanmar but now need to dip into their deepest reserves of strength and determination when playing West Asian powers Qatar in the second round at the latter’s home turf at the Al Sadd Stadium.

Palestine lost to Thailand in the first round but now find themselves in the second round, thanks to an administrative goof-up by their rivals which saw a suspended player being fielded and the match forfeited to Palestine 3-0 . Keen to build on this opportunity, the Palestinians be looking for a good result against second round rivals Bahrain.

Malaysia have been rewarded with a second round berth against strong West Asians Lebanon after a facile win over Pakistan in the first round. They travel to Beirut for the first leg.
This is Beirut City, Lebanon..
Let's go LIVE now from Beirut:

1st half:
00:00. Kick off by Lebanon (in red). Malaysia in yellow.
03:00. Ball controlled by Lebanon.
08:00. Still no score. The field is dry. There's not so many fans in the stands.. Looks like an empty stadium.
10:00. No real attack from Malaysia yet..
12:00. 1st corner for Malaysia. Pushed out by defenders. 2nd one.., fruitless..
15:00. Strings of attack from Lebanon.. Still no goals.
17:00. Corner for Lebanon. Saved.
21:00. First real attack from Malaysia. Nice move, headed wide...
23:00. Corner to Lebanon (4th). Saved.
24:30. Yellow card to Malaysia - Gurusamy.
25:30. Free kick to Lebanon... Wide.
30:00. Boring game with no good moves by both sides..
35:00. Still no goals.
40:00. Still no score.
45:00. End of 1st half. Score: 0-0.

2nd Half:
45:01. Back from Sports City Stadium in Beirut... Malaysia to start the 2nd half..
46:00. Nice try by Malaysia..
48:00. Lebanon attacking. Good defending, Malaysia.
50:00. Corner to Malaysia.. nothing..
52:00. Nice move by Malaysia, but wasted by weak ball control...
54:00. Shot on target by Malaysia, punched out by keeper..
60:00. Still 0-0.
62:00. Another chance wasted by Malaysia. Shot straight into keeper!!
64:00. Still another chance wasted by Malaysia. Shot wide...
65:30. Yellow card Malaysian defender..
66:00. Freekick to Lebanon - balooned....
69:00. Shot by Malaysia.. missed by inches..
71:00. Malaysia attacking again.. oooww.. missed again.
73:00. Yellow card to another Malaysian player..
77:00. Yellow card to Lebanon player..
80:00. Still 0-0.
85:00. 5 mins to go and no goals yet..
89:00. Free kick to Lebanon at edge of penalty box.. Saved. Corner kick.
90:00. 3 extra minute added.
90+1. Free kick to Lebanon.
90+2. Malaysia missed a golden chance to score... What a waste..
90+3. Match ended with 0-0 scoreline...
**Next match in Kuala Lumpur on this 23rd June 2011..

Bye.. Have a nice day..


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