Thursday, June 23, 2011

Malaysia vs Lebanon - Olympic Qualifying (2nd Leg) - LIVE.....

Date: 23rd June 2011
Time: 8.45pm
Venue: Bukit Jalil Stadium, Kuala Lumpur.
First Leg Score: 0 - 0.

Hello... It's the Olympic qualifying again..
Half an hour to kick off time...  Stay tune...

8.40pm: Both teams entering the Stadium. Malaysia in yellow/black, Lebanon in white/white.
8.45pm: Kick off. Referee from Japan.
1st Half:
00:00. Malaysia to start...
01:00. Yellow card to Gary Steven Robbat (M'sia's No.12) for bad tackle.. Stupid!!!
05:00. Lebanon doing the attacking.
06:00. 1st corner to Lebanon - saved.
08:00.  GGGGGGGGOOOOOOOAAALLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!! 1-0 Malaysia!!!! Goal scored by No.7- Irfan..
10:00. Lebanon attacking, looking for equaliser..
15:00. Still attack after attack by Lebanon.
17:00. M'sia still defending..
20:00. One nice move by M'sia.. foiled ..
23:00. Lebanon accused of diving.. No free kick.
25:00. God move from M'sia. Freekick to M'sia at edge of penalty box.
26:00. Play stopped. Lasers pointing to Lebanese keeper. OK, everything settled..
27:00. Free kick taken.. Ballooned...
30:00. Breakthrough on the left... missed kick in front of goal...
33:00. M'sia starting to have more attacks from the left..
36:00. Shot by Lebanon !! Hit the post!!  wwooooooh. Saved.
38:00. M'sia attacking now... Still in control..
40:00. Ball in M'sia's control  GGGGGOOOOOOAAAAALLLLLL !!!!!!    2-0.
           Goal scored by No.16 -Wan Zack Haikal - cool goal...
43:00. Another good move by M'sia.. Offside.
44:00. Another move by M'sia.  Saved by keeper.
44:30. Yellow card to Lebanon striker for diving in the box.
45:00. 2 mins added time.
45+1:  M'sia controlling game
45+2:  Half Time... MALAYSIA leading 2 - 0.
Take your tea break.....
Nawal, Lebanese singer..
2nd Half:
46:00. 1st strike from Lebanon., missed by 2 feet.
49:00. Good move by M'sia. Corner...Nothing..
50:00. 2nd yellow to No 12- Gary. M'sia left with 10 players.
51:00. Injury to M'sian keeper. Right shoulder injured bad.
53:00. Keeper Khairul Fahmi OK... Play continue..
54:00. Malaysia make first change - defender in, striker out.
56:00. Play getting rough..
60:00. Lebanon attacking...
63:00. Goal by Lebanon. Score: 2-1 now....
65:00. Yellow card to Lebanese striker..
66:00. Injury to Malaysian defender. M'sia left with 9 players on the field..
69:00. M'sia's injured No 3 substituted.
72:00. Lebanon attacking again.. Goal kick.
74:00. 10-men Malaysia doing all the defending. Lebanon attacking again and again..
76:00. 15 minutes to go, M'sia still defending the 1 goal advantage...
79:00. Break by M'sia. Taken down by Lebanon - yellow card to Lebanon defender.
80:00. Free kick to Lebanon. Fahmi erred..  corner to Lebanon. Saved by Keeper.
82:00. Lebanon attacking again. Pushed out.  Still in M'sia's territory.
84:00. Offside Lebanon.
85:00. Everybody's defending (M'sia).
87:00. Lebanon throwing everything....
88:00. Malaysian injured...
89:00. Substitution by M'sia..  1 minute to go....
90:00. 3 mins added time...
90+1:  Throw in to M'sia..
90+2:  1 minute to go.... throw in to M'sia.
90+3:  Last few seconds....  Game Over !!!!!!!
Malaysia won 2-1.............

Have a nice day........

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