Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Malaysia vs Taiwan - World Cup Qualifying - LIVE..

It's another soccer game tonight. This time, it's the 2014 World Cup Asian qualifying - Malaysia vs Taiwan (Chinese Taipei) - first leg in Kuala Lumpur. The 2nd leg will be next Sunday, in Taiwan...
We go LIVE from Bukit Jalil, now....

Hello... Greetings from Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur...
Teams entering the Stadium now.. Malaysia in BLUE/White, and Chinese Taipei in White/White. Referee in Red...  Both national anthems now...
Kick off time - 8.45pm local time.

1st Half:
00:00. Malaysia to start. Corner to Malaysia in the 1st 30 sec.
01:00. Malaysian brought down in penalty box.... No penalty.
02:00. Shot at goal by Taiwan. Missed by inches..
04:00. Fast game by both teams. Shot at goal by Taiwan.., over the bar.
06:00. Shot at goal by M'sia - over the bar..
08:00. M'sia attacking again.. fruitless.
10:00. Free kick to Taiwan. 40 yards out. Straight to keeper.
12:00. Taiwan attacking. Good defending M'sia..
13:00. Play stopped. Taiwanese injured on the field..
15:00. Ball with M'sia. Shot at goal...saved by keeper.
17:00. Try from 40 yards out by M'sia. Off target.
20:00. Both teams trying long shots at goal.., looking for goals.., but off target.
21:00. 1st yellow card to Kunalan of M'sia.
22:00. Free kick to Taiwan - 35 yards. Foiled by defenders.
25:00. Still 0-0. Fair game.
26:00. No. 14 in for M'sia (1st substitution) - Abd Hadi Yahya.
27:50. GGGGOOOOOAAALLLLLLLLLL !!!!!! , Malaysia 1-0. Goal scored by Shafiq Rahim (no.8), M'sia's skipper.
30:00. M'sia still attacking...
33:00. Free kick to M'sia. Nothing..
37:00. Malaysia still attacking..
40:00. Still 1-0 to Malaysia.
43:00. Free kick to M'sia. Missed
44:00. Try from 40yrds by M'sia. Not bad.
45:00. 2 minutes added time.
45+2.  Half time.  Malaysia leading 1-0. Take your cup of tea....
1st goal scored by Shafiq Rahim (no. 8)
2nd Half:
46:00. Striker Safee Sali substituted.
47:00. Free kick to M'sia - wasted.
50:00. Corner to M'sia. Nice move. Back heal towards goal - off target.
51:00. Offside M'sia..., but slow motion shows ball was NOT offside !!!!
53:00. Corner to M'sia.  GGGOOOOAAALLLLLLLLLLL  !!!!  2-0.  Goal by No.7 (Aidil Zafuan)
57:00. Yellow card to M'sia's no.11.
59:00. Malaysian spirit high... attacking all the time..
63:00. Single attack by Taiwan - over the bar..
65:00. Still 2-0 to Malaysia.
72:00. M'sia attacking. Missed..
75:00. 15 mins to go. Corner to M'sia. Nothing.
76:00. Goal to Taiwan after lapse of concentration by Malaysian defenders.. 2-1 now.
79:00. Shot at goal by Taiwan... missed by inches.
83:00. Stale game now...
86:00. Taiwan doing the attacking now..
88:00. Two minute to go... score still 2-1.
90:00. 4 minutes added time.
90+2. Corner to M'sia. Over the bar.
90+4. Game over. Malaysia won 2-1.
See you on Sunday in Taipei!!!

Have a nice day...

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