Friday, June 17, 2011

Malaysia's Electric Bike..

Malaysian riders can now go greener with the launch of the country's first electric-powered motorcycle.
The Modenas CTric is fully powered by a battery which allows travel for as far as 60km on a single charge.
Energy consumption for the environmentally-friendly vehicle, which can hit a top speed of 70kph, is as low as one sen per km.
The motorcycle can be charged using a normal three-pin power point, and the charging time is 3.5 hours for a fast charge and eight hours for a normal charge.
The bike is available in 2 colors which are green & orange.
Below are some of the details of the bike:
Price: RM 4,888.00 (electric starter) – On The Road
Type Electric Motorcycle
Traction Motor Type Brushless DC Motor
Rated Power 1.0 kW
Max Power 3.6 kW @ 70km/h
Speed Control System Pulse Width Modulation
Hall Sensor Honeywell

Type Fully Automatic
Final Reduction Ratio 4.2
Driving System Chain

Type Steel Pipe Backbone
Front Suspension Telescopic fork
Rear Suspension Trailing swing arm suspension
Front Brake Drum 110 mm
Rear Brake Drum 110 mm 

Electrical System 
Battery Lead Acid, Nano Gel
Capacity 1200Wh (5 units)
Voltage 60V 20Ah @ 2 Hours rate
Charger Intelligent Charger
Input 240V (50/60Hz)
Output 60V DC
Charging Time
(Normal) 8 Hours
Charging Time
(Fast) 3.5 Hours
Discharge Cycles 500 cycles
Estimated Life 2.5 years or 30,000 km

The CTric had received interest from Greece, Holland, Korea and Vietnam, with Iran already placing an order.
Have you placed your order?

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