Thursday, June 9, 2011

Singapore - Top 10th costliest city in the world.

Believe it or not? Singapore is listed in the top 10th of the world’s most expensive cities due to the dramatic shifts in currency values.
According to the survey, Singapore has become a more expensive city to live in the world. Looking at the cost of living, transportation, accommodation, utilities, phone and other bills in Singapore, all those are costing a bomb to Singapore residents. That is why Singaporean are so stressful in their life and in need of money to survive in this little island.
Question : Does Singapore salary also 10th highest in the world? Sadly to say, prices of everything has raised up but pay has to be cut down. Singaporeans are suffering in the recession, it is time to re-examine their spending habits, and shift their mindset to ‘good enough’ and not ‘luxury’ living.

I'm glad to live in Malaysia..., don't you? he, he..

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