Friday, July 22, 2011

3Days 2Nights in Langkawi...

It's been quite some time I last visited Langkawi.. The last time was about two years ago, just for a day's working period when I was invited to give a talk on motivation. I had no time to go around then, except for the town area of Kuah to buy some goodies...
This time, I got to stay for 2 nights, attending a seminar on education. I stayed in a hotel in Pokok Asam, about 2 km from the jetty point. I had to opportunity to take a cab and visited Pantai Kok, the Marina Bay and several other areas outside Kuah, the capital town of Langkawi Island.
I was lucky to have met Pak Ya, a taxi driver from a place called Air Hangat. He is a 60 years old and hailed from Simpang Empat, Perlis. He had been residing in Langkawi since 1980, got married to a local and have 3 grown up daughters. Pak Ya knows a lot of local businessman since he is a cab driver. I happened to know him just like that..., and he didn't demand any specific amount of money for the 3 hour tour.
We went to Marina Bay first because I wanted to visit our ex-Prime Minister, Tun Dr. Mahathir's "The Loaf". It is situated about 20km from our hotel.
the road to Marina Bay..
 Marina Bay
 Tun Dr. Mahathir's "THE LOAF".
 The Restaurant's Menu..
 Tun's Special menu...
Marina Bay is quite a nice place, actually... It's peaceful..., suitable for high class relaxation of the mind and body. The place is quite international with several international restaurants around.., besides being a "parking lot" for boats and yachts. 
a Russian restaurant in Marina Bay
a Chinese/Hong Kong seafood restaurant
Live fish and crabs for your taking...
 the fishes and crabs in water tanks...
 yachts parked at the bay..
 Datuk Azhar Mansor's yacht that sailed solo around the world..
I then headed to Pantai Kok, just around the corner.. The beach is unexplored... Not many people know about this beach.
  one lonely lady on the beach..
 I should have befriended her...
I then headed back to Kuah. But, Pak Ya invited me to his house in Air Hangat, on the way back to the hotel.
  I saw this at the road side.., the local fruit - Rambutans...
After a short visit to his residence, we went to Kuah town to shop for chocolates, a MUST if you visit Langkawi.... I spent RM150 just for chocolates.
 imported chocolates from Switzerland, Sweden, Italy and Mexico.
Pak Ya send me back to the hotel before dinner. He did not demand any amount of money. Instead he just take whatever I wanna give.... He's a nice man.
I gave him RM100 but he insisted it was too much. He only took RM50. 
Well.. it's difficult to find people like him these days..  I gave him another RM20, citing his good service.

I took my dinner at the hotel
my dinner...

So that's it for the short 3 hour tour...
I left Langkawi this afternoon.
Have a nice day... 

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