Sunday, July 3, 2011

High Achievers Lack Values...

High achievers lack values - I just couldn't resist but to agree with it...
These school kids are lazy to get involved in school activities.. In their mind, it's only books and tuition classes. To an extend, certain teachers are also to be blamed for their behaviour. These teachers themselves are lazy bumps, lazy to get involved in sports activities. They have given the wrong direction to these high achievers by using this clause:- "However active you are in sports and co-curriculum, your SPM results counts"
Who is to be blamed here? Teachers? The education system? The Education Minister?
Why award scholarships to those getting 10 As in the SPM?
Why have a press conference every time the SPM results are out?
Why mention the Best Student, the Best School..., every time the UPSR, PMR and SPM results are out?
Why is the Education Ministry doing all these...???
Why? Why? Why?

Look who's spoiling the school kids......!!!

My few friends here do agree with me....

DAVID TIH of Malacca says:
OUR education system is too exam- oriented. With this system, we will continue to produce students of high intellect but lacking in character.
We cannot put the blame solely on the students as the system requires them to study hard and score as many As as possible.

What is the point of getting As when one is not developed mentally, emotionally, spiritually and socially?

Many students these days are not interested in sports, lack the spirit of voluntarism and are ignorant about the current affairs and the environment. Study, tuition, homework, examinations and the Internet are all they think about. This is unhealthy.
Most young people lack skills that are vital in today's competitive and challenging world.

Therefore, our education system needs to be reformed to make it more relevant, practical and holistic so that it can meet the current and future needs of the nation.

People must be able to think creatively, analyse and act in a mature way.

Spoon-feeding is no longer relevant and will bring more harm than good.

We need bright and intelligent students, but we also need them to have qualities like compassion, foresight, courage, conviction, willpower and the right mindset and attitude.
NST, 3rd July 2011.

R. MURALI RAJARATENAM of Kuala Lumpur says:
BEING "A" cut above the rest is something that has been resonating in our society for years now. Unfortunately, the "A" does not spell quality.
I lecture students of a foundation programme and note that there is much that needs to be improved in terms of quality of education.

I am saddened to see students who score seven to 10As not being able to make the cut when they go to college or when it comes to tackling real-life problems.

They lack the proficiency and skills in language, communication, time management and even leadership.
Many of these students shiver when asked to deliver a short presentation, get stressed in managing their assignments, don't know the simple rules of algebra and, most importantly, can't think critically to make informed decisions.

In their race to get as many As as possible, most students become mechanical.

Getting an A should mean that the student is able to put his or her knowledge to practice in everyday life. What good is an A if a student does not have the competence to tackle a job interview?

Having examinations that are on par with those in the foreign countries does not mean we are churning out top-notch students.

The education system should reflect real-life situations so that students are able to see the relevance of learning in their everyday lives. This, in turn, helps cultivate an attitude for lifelong learning.

Many students lose focus and do not understand the true meaning of education. They are blinded in their struggle towards becoming an A student.

The question we should ask ourselves is not whether it is too easy to get an A these days but what that A means.
NST, 3rd July 2011.

The Ministry of Education and the Minister of Education have to answer this...
Have a nice day....

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