Thursday, July 28, 2011

Malaysia vs Singapore - LIVE From Bukit Jalil, KL..

It's the 2nd leg of the 2014 World Cup qualification - Asia Zone. MALAYSIA vs SINGAPORE.
Singapore won the 1st leg 5-3 in Singapore last week.

All 90,000 tickets have been sold out. You can expect the huge "Harimau" roar in Bukit Jalil Stadium ....
Let's go LIVE from the Bukit Jalil Stadium now.
Malaysia is in BLUE, Singapore in RED. Both national anthems being played.

1st Half:
00:00 Singapore to kick off.
02:00 First yellow card to Singapore.
03:30 First blood by Singapore, ball over the bar.
04:30 Shot by M'sia - straight to keeper. Golden chance missed by Kunalan.
06:00 Free kick to Singapore. Saved.
07:30 Free kick to M'sia. Saved.
09:00 Attack by M'sia, nice move but foiled by S'pore defenders
10:00 Free kick to S'pore. Ooooo. Shot saved by keeper, Khairul Fahmi
12:00 M'sia attacking... wasted again.
14:00 Ball seemed offside, but not given. S'pore had 2 chances foiled by M'sian keeper again, twice.
15:00 S'pore doing most of the attacking, surprisingly...
18:00 Another attack by S'pore foiled by M'sian keeper.
20:00 Singapore controlling game at the moment
21:00 Header by Safee Sali - wide...
22:00 Injured M'sian player substituted.
24:00 S'pore slowing down the phase..
25:30 Free kick to M'sia. 40 yrds out. Good try M'sia.
29:00 M'sia attacking. Good move but nothing came out of it.
31:00 Free kick to M'sia. 35 yrds out. Safee to take it. Blocked by defenders.
34:00 Free kick to M'sia. Saved by keeper.
36:00 S'pore wasting time, delaying game with all sorts of tricks.. Fuuhh!!!
38:00 Shot on target by S'pore - pushed out by M'sian keeper. Corner. Another corner.
40:00 Shot off  target by M'sia.
41:00 Offside S'pore.
42:00 Free kick to S'pore at corner flag. Saved by keeper.
44:00 Again, the "delay tactics" by S'pore players.. Fuuhhh...!!!!
45:00 3 minutes added time.
45+1: Free kick to S'pore. Ball already out.
45+3: Half time. Score 0-0.

Coffee break....

2nd Half:
46:00 M'sia to start.
50:00 Same delay tactics by Singaporeans !!!!
55:00 Malaysia doing all the attacking but no luck yet..
57:00 Safee Sali..... GGGGOOOOALLLLLLLLLLLLL !!!!!!  1-0 to Malaysia.
What a beautiful goal by the Malaysian striker. Low shot drive from 15 meters out.
60:00 M'sian injured..
62:00 Corner to S'pore. Nothing.
66:00 Delay tactics again by Singapore.. How many times already???
70:00 3rd substitute by M'sia. Malaysia attacking again and again..
71:00 S'pore kicking ball outside often..delaying game.
72:00 Goal to Singapore. Simple goal. Lapse of concentration by defenders. Score 1-1 now.
78:00 Nothing going right to Malaysia tonight..
80:00 10 minutes to go and it looks like Malaysia is going out of the World Cup qualifying...
83:00 More and more time wasting tricks by Singapore players... Fuuhh!!
85:00 Faked injury again by Singapore players again and again and again and again..
87:00 Attack and attack by M'sia...
88:00 M'sia attacking again. Singapore defending all the way..
90:00 5 minutes added time.
90+2: Time wasting again by S'pore. S'pore keeper shown the yellow card.
90+4: Fight until the final whistle by Malaysians...
90+5: Game Over. Score 1-1. Aggregate 6-4 to Singapore.

Bye bye Malaysia........
Have a nice day.

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