Sunday, July 3, 2011

Malaysia vs Taiwan - World Cup Qualifying (2nd Leg) - LIVE..

It's the 2nd Leg of the World Cup qualifying match between Malaysia and the Chinese Taipei (Taiwan). It's Live from Taipei....
Malaysia in yellow/black. Taiwan in blue/blue. Referee from Vietnam - in Orange Red...
Kick off in 5 minutes.
1st half:
00:00. Malaysia to start..
02:00. Taiwan in control..
03:00. 1st real shot by Taiwan.. missed.
04:00. Free kick to Taiwan. 35 yds out. Hit the wall..
06:00. Free kick to M'sia, 45 yds out.  GGGGGOOOOOOLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!
Goal scored by Aidil Zafuan, straight into goal from the free kick.... Malaysia 1-0.
10:00. Shot by Taiwan, saved by keeper. 
12:00. Another attack by M'sia. Poor finishing..
14:00. Taiwan attacking - header to goal..., saved.
16:00. Free kick to Taiwan, just outside the box. Corner...
17:00. Nice move by M'sia..., but straight to keeper..
20:00. Corner to M'sia. Fruitless..
23:00. Taiwan attacking...nothing.
25:00. Shot on target by Abdul Hadi Yahya. Saved...
28:00. M'sia attacking. Very smooth.. foiled..
29:00. Good try M'sia, just over the bar...
30:00. Corner to Taiwan. GOAL to Taiwan. Score 1-1.
Scrambling among players in the 6 yrd box and ball pushed in by Taiwan striker...
34:00. Ball with M'sia.. Throw in.. lost control
36:00. Taiwan attacking. Shot - high over bar.
38:00. Free kick to M'sia at edge of penalty box. GGGGGOOOOOALLLLLLLL !!!!!!
Free Kick taken by team captain SHAFIQ RAHIM, over the wall, hit the post into goal...
Malaysia 2-1.
42:30. Penalty to Taiwan.
43:00. Goal. Score 2-2.
45:00. Good move by M'sia, missed by inches. 2 minutes added time.
45+2:  half time... Score 2-2.
Take your tea of coffee break....

2nd Half:
46:00. Play on slow pace..
50:00. Corner for M'sia.  Another corner...
51:00. Another corner. Try.... over the bar.
53:00. Nice pace M'sia. Shot wide...
55:00. Attack by Taiwan. Straight to keeper.
57:00. Missed... What a golden chance missed by M'sia in front of goal. Puhhh!!!
61:00. Penalty to Taiwan... Saved. Saved by keeper... Score still 2-2.
62:00. Shot at goal by M'sia. Saved
63:00. Shot on target by Taiwan. Saved by keeper.
65:00. Both sides counter attacking...
67:00. Corner to Taiwan. M'sia keeper injured...
70:00. Attacking play by both sides...
73:00. Foul in M'sia's penalty area.. Penalty again ??????? Unbelievable !!!! What is this ????
Goal by Taiwan. Score 3-2 now.
77:00. Free kick to M'sia. Nice one, good connection...inches above the bar.
80:00. Nice move by Taiwan but straight to keeper.
83:00. Free kick to M'sia at center. Throw in..
84:00. Free kick again to M'sia. Cleared..
86:00. Cross to goal - headed wide by M'sia.
87:00. Taiwan doing the attacking...
88:00. Counter attack by M'sia. M'sia brought down in penalty area... NO PENALTY ???? Why??
89:00. A minute to go..
90:00. 4 minutes added time..
90+2: Norsharul !!!! Hit the post..... What a miss......
90+3:  1 minute to go...
90+4:  Game over.... Full time.. Score 3-2. Aggregate 4-4.

MALAYSIA through - on away goals rule...
Congratulation MALAYSIA !!!! You will be meeting SINGAPORE in the next round....
Have a nice day...

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