Saturday, July 23, 2011

Singapore vs Malaysia - 2014 World Cup Qualifying. LIVE....

Date: 23th July 2011
Time: 7.30pm
Venue: Stadium Jalan Besar, Singapore.

Hello... from Singapore's Main Road Stadium. It's a small stadium actually..., a capacity of a few thousands only. Wonder why the host chose this venue..
Kick off in half an hour's time. Do get ready!!!

1st Half:
00:00 Kick off. Malaysia to start (in BLUE). Singapore in Red... 
Malaysia 1-0 after just 29 seconds !!! Scored by who else.. SAFEE SALI (no 10).
04:00 Singapore attacking but failed..
07:00 Free kick to Singapore -- GOAL .. Ball deflected into goal. 1-1.
10:00 Play well balanced now..
12:00 Shot at goal by S'pore... out.
14:00 Attack after attack by S'pore.. Yellow card to S'pore after hard tackle on Safee Sali.
16:00 Ball in S'pore's possession mostly.
18:00 Corner to S'pore. Nothing..
21:00 Free kick to S'pore, just outside the box. GOAL.....
Singapore 2-1 now.
23:00 M'sia attacking. Throw in... Corner. Out..
25:00 Fair game with attacks and counter attacks.
27:00 Corner to S'pore. Saved.
28:00 M'sia missed a golden chance !!!! Only keeper to beat, but failed.
32:00 Offside M'sia.
33:00 Corner to S'pore. Foiled..
36:00 Yellow card to M'sia.
39:00 Yellow card to S'pore. Play getting rough...
40:00 Shot at goal by M'sia - off target.
42:00 Safee Sali being harassed most of the time..
42:30 Free kick to S'pore. Saved...
43:30 GOAL>>> to Singapore. Score 3-1 now.
45:00 GOAL to S'pore again.. Score now 4-1.
45+1: Half Time score: Singapore 4  Malaysia 1.
**Time for my quick dinner....

2nd Half:
46:00 S'pore to start..
50:00 RED CARD to Msian skipper !!!! Shafiq Rahim shown the red card..
54:00 RED CARD to S'pore defender... It's 10 vs 10 now...
62:00 Goal..... offside.
65:00 Corner to S'pore. Shot off target.
69:00 Free kick to M'sia. GGGGOOOAAALLLLLL !!!!  Hadi scored..
Singapore 4  Malaysia 2.
70:00 GGGGOOOOAAAAALLLLL !!!! Safee Sali scored.  4-3 now...
73:00 Hadi.!!!!!! missed by inches.. Game getting alive now...
77:00 Corner to S'pore. Goal kick.
80:00 GOAL to S'pore.... 5-3 now..
83:00 Short on target by M'sia. Straight to keeper..
87:00 Corner to M'sia. Nothing..
88:00 Free kick to M'sia- 40yds outside. Wasted.
90:00 3 minutes added time.
90+2: Time wasting by S'pore. Normal.
90+4: Game over. Singapore won 5-3.
**Return match game in Bukit Jalil next Thursday, 28th July 2011....  See yer..

Have a nice day...

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