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Badminton - World Champinship 2011 - Finals LIVE.... Lee Chong Wei vs Lin Dan

It's the final day of the championship. LIVE from London.....
Today's schedule:
1.  Women's Doubles: WANG Xiaoli/YU Yang (CHN) vs TIAN Qing/ZHAO Yunlei (CHN).
2.  Men's Singles: LEE Chong Wei (MAS) vs LIN Dan (CHN).
3.  Women's Singles: CHENG Shao Chieh (TAI) vs WANG Yihan (CHN)
4.  Men's Doubles: CAI Yun/FOO Haifeng (CHN) vs KO Sung Hyun/YOO Yeon Seong (KOR)
5.  Mixed Doubles: ZHANG Nan/ZHAO Yunlei (CHN) vs Chris ADCOCK/Imogen BANKIER (ENG/SCO)
Women's Doubles Champions.
Women's Doubles:
1st Set: Wang/Yu leading 11-9. Very close game, point by point.
              Set won by Wang/Yu 22-20.
2nd Set: Set to Wang/Yu 21-11.
Women's Doubles GOLD medal to Wang Xiaoli/YU Yang in straight sets  22-20, 21-11 in 39 minutes.

Men's Singles:  Lee Chong Wei vs Lin Dan. LIVE  commentary...
1st Set: (Lee Chong Wei first.)
1-0  Pushed out by Lin Dan
2-0  Out again by Lin Dan
3-0  Out again by Lin Dan
3-1  Smash by LD
3-2  Sideline smash by LD
4-2  Drive by CW
5-2  Cross court drop by CW
5-3  Smash by LD
6-3  Net play won by CW
6-4  Base line drive by LD
7-4  Net play won by CW
7-5  Net error by CW.
8-5  Net trick by CW
8-6  Overhead smash by LD
9-6  Drop by CW
9-7  Out by CW
9-8  Smash by LD
10-8 Pushed out at baseline by LD
11-8 Smash by CW - 279 km/h.
11-9   Out by CW
11-10 Way out by CW.
12-10 Smash into net by LD
12-11 Smash hit into tape of net, fall over by LD
13-11 Out at baseline by LD
13-12 Mistake by CW
14-12 Out by LD
14-13 Excellent netplay by LD
14-14 Long rally won by LD. Both players take a break.
15-14 Hard smash by CW - 261 km/h.
15-15 Luck to LD - hit the tape.
15-16 Smash into body by LD
16-16 Smash into net by LD
17-16 Luck to CW - hit tape of net.
18-16 Good play by CW after long rally. What a player !!!
19-16 Cross court smash by CW
20-16 Pushed out by LD after long rally...
20-17 point to LD - error by CW.
20-18 Bad net play by CW.
20-19 Smash out by CW.
20-20 Error at net by CW.
21-20 Good play by CW
22-20 Side line smash by CW... 1st Set won by Lee Chong Wei : 22-20.
Break.... for coffee??

2nd Set:  Chong Wei first.
1-0  Out by LD
2-0  Pushed into net by LD
3-0  Pushed into net again by LD
3-1  Misread by CW at base line.
3-2  Out by CW
3-3  Smash by LD
3-4  Bad error by CW.
3-5  Error at net by CW - racket change by CW.
4-5  Sideline smash by CW.
4-6  Pushed out by CW.
5-6  In at base line. Misread by LD.
6-6  Drop error by LD - into the net.
7-6  out by LD
7-7  smash into net by CW. Both taking a break.
7-8  into net by CW
7-9  smash by LD down the line.. 262 km/h
8-9  smash into net by LD
9-9  sideline drop by CW.
10-9 clever drive by CW.
10-10 smash by LD
10-11 out by CW. Break...
10-12 misread by CW
10-13 pushed out by CW
10-14 misread again by CW at baseline
10-15 error at net by CW
10-16 drive to baseline by LD.
10-17 misread at baseline again by CW
11-17 smash by CW
11-18 error again by CW
12-18 smash return - good by CW
13-18 fancy shot by LD - failed at net.
14-18 net mistake by LD.
14-19 mistake by CW.
14-20 another mistake by CW.
14-21 cross court smash by LD.
2nd set won by Lin Dan 21-14.

3rd Set: Chong Wei first.
0-1  smash into tape by LD.
1-1  out by LD.
1-2  out by CW.
2-2  casual play by LD into net.
3-2  double smash by CW - 265 km/h.
3-3  drive to baseline by LD.
3-4  into the net by CW
3-5  smash by LD.
3-6  error by CW.
4-6  into the net by LD
5-6  sideline smash by CW - LD didn't like the line call. Ball was in... (TV slow motion).
6-6  smash again by CW.
7-6  drive by CW.
7-7  smash by LD.
7-8  smash by LD.
8-8  cross court smash by CW
8-9  on the line !!!! Umpire overruled it!!! Point to LD.
8-10 double smash by LD.
9-10 into the net by LD
10-10 fault call by Umpire to LD.
11-10 Smash by CW.
11-11 point to LD.
12-11 Luck with CW, ball touched tape and in..
13-11 smash by CW.
13-12 point to LD
14-12 point to CW
14-13 netplay by LD
15-13 smash by CW
16-13 out by LD
16-14 smash out by CW
16-15 smash into net by CW
16-16 pushed out again by CW
17-16 into net by LD
17-17 smash by LD.
17-18 net smash by LD.
18-18 returned out by LD.
18-19 pushed out by CW.
19-19 smash hard in the middle by CW.
20-19 net error by LD.
20-20 smash by LD.
21-20 out by LD.
21-21 half court smash by LD.
21-22 hit the net by CW.., unlucky.
21-23 CW hit the net !!!  Game over. Match and game to LIN DAN.
Lin Dan won 20-22, 21-14,23-21.
Hard Luck again Lee Chong Wei........ hmmm, No MISBUN SIDEK around !!!  BAM ??? You FAILED !!!
GOLD medal to Lin Dan - SILVER to Lee Chong Wei....

Wang Yihan won 21-15, 21-10.
Women's Singles: Cheng Shao Chieh (TAI) vs Wang Yihan (CHN).
1st Set:Wang Yihan won 21-15.
2nd Set:Wang Yihan won 21-10.
GOLD medal to Wang Yihan of China...

Men's Doubles: Cai Yun/Fu Haifeng (CHN) vs Ko Sung Hyun/Yoo Yeon Seong (KOR).
1st Set:  China took the 1st set 24-22,
2nd Set: China took the 2nd set 21-16.
GOLD medal to Cai Yun/Fu Haifeng (CHN) : 24-22, 21-16. 

Mixed Doubles: Zhang Nan/Zhao Yunlei (CHN) vs Chris Adcock (ENG)/Imogen Bankier (SCO). 
1st Set:  China taking the first set 21-15.
2nd Set:  China taking the 2nd set 21-7
GOLD medal to Zhang Nan/Zhao Yunlei of China: 21-15, 21-7

 ** CHINA bagged all 5 Gold medals.

Bye, bye... Have a nice day... 

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