Wednesday, August 24, 2011

MORE and MORE for PPSMI....

Day by day, we hear woes from the public to have the PPSMI back into our schools. Even more than that, perhaps - is to bring back the English Medium schools...
I guess I have to keep on writing and attaching all these woes and grieves on my posts as long as the Malaysian public love to have the English Medium back into the school system. As long as the Education Ministry still do not want to bring the PPSMI back into the school system....
Let's start with this one from Mr. Toh Boo Huat of Petaling Jaya:


THIRTY years of neglecting English has culminated in the dire situation we are now trying to untangle. Teachers unable to converse in even simple English, whom many now blame for the declining standard of English taught, are the direct result of our education policy that placed too much emphasis on Bahasa Malaysia at the expense of English.
Former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad attempted to arrest the decline by introducing PPSMI (Teaching and Learning of Science and Mathematics in English) but this policy was discarded before it bore fruit.
Arguments for and against PPSMI have been going on for several years. Unless we have the courage to take immediate steps to stop the rot, the next few decades will not magically transform into a situation that we desire.
Various groups and individuals have made calls to protect and uphold the dignity of Bahasa Malaysia. By always hiding behind, and using, “Bahasa dan Bangsa” that they claim to fight for, they conveniently ignore the fact that the majority of the people (including rural ones whose race they claim to champion) actually want PPSMI, as shown in a recent survey conducted by Jaringan Melayu Malaysia.
Even a survey by the Education Ministry can be said to be in favour of PPSMI. It is baffling why the ministry did not go to town to trumpet the result of it own survey.
Combined, the results of all these surveys actually show up the anti-PPSMI groups and individuals as a minority voice.
They continue to delude themselves, thinking that they are doing their “Bahasa dan Bangsa” justice by strongly objecting to the learning and usage of other languages, unwilling to accept the many downsides associated with not knowing and learning knowledge in the appropriate lingua franca.
It has not helped that Deputy Minister Dr Mohd Puad Zarkashi stated that the Education Ministry remained firm in its decision to abolish PPSMI. As a federal minister, he should be looking into the interest of all, not selected groups, or espouse his personal preference.
Parents Action Group for Education and parents who want PPSMI respect the wishes of these minority groups and individuals by only calling for PPSMI to complement, not replace, MBMMBI.
Pupils will then have choices to be taught in the predominant languages of our society – Bahasa Malaysia, Chinese, Tamil and English.
Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak should put his foot down and announce the decision that the majority are anxiously waiting for.
Petaling Jaya.

Here's another one from Hayati Nordin of Subang Jaya:
I REMEMBER contributing an opinion piece on the teaching of English in 2009. Two years down the road, we are still debating the same issue.
I am not denying the importance of our national language in any way, but the fact remains that we need to master English, which is a global language. Communication is an important aspect, and in order to do it effectively we must be able to understand and be understood, especially when dealing with business associates and customers from foreign lands who do not know Bahasa Malaysia.
Even in terms of travelling to or visiting other countries, we definitely find it is so much easier if the people in the country we visit can communicate in English.
I come from Remove Class and could not speak or understand even simple words in English when I joined the class. Through reading English story books, mostly loaned to me by my English teacher, and speaking the language with my non-Malay friends, I finally managed to master the language.
It was a great help in my tertiary education, especially when I went abroad to study.
It is really disheartening today to hear that many young graduates struggle to communicate in English. In this modern IT environment, they should be able to pick it up with much more ease.
Proper use of language is seldom practised in social networking sites like facebook. Every word is shortened, so much so that some become unrecognisable.
I did not have teachers from US/UK teaching English in my school in my small kampung. Our very own teacher, Mr Ignatious Ho, was able to motivate, and effectively teach, us. At the same time, our command of the national language did not suffer. We are proficient in both, speaking and writing.
Subang Jaya.

This one just came in - from John Dess of Kangar, Perlis:

Parents must first change their attitudes. We must get rid of our distrust of foreign languages, we must not keep holding on to our pride in our own national or vernacular languages and think that learning English will make our culture and language second best.
Our children must start young, and we as parents must show them that mastering languages and acquiring knowledge is the noble thing to do.
Politicians and policy makers must agree not to make use of the study of languages to achieve their political ends.
Malaysia has suffered too much already. Don’t let our future generation bear the pain of our selfish addiction....
I guess our Prime Minister really needs to make his stand now, before 2012 when the PPSMI will be discontinued...

Have a nice day..

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