Sunday, August 28, 2011

Netherlands Antilles - 144th Country Visitor.

A visitor from Netherlands Antilles - the 144th country to visit my Blog, just a few minutes ago.
Let's learn geography again:
The name 'Netherlands Antilles' is sometimes used to indicate the Caribbean islands which are part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.
The two island groups of which the Netherlands Antilles consisted are:
The windward islands are all of volcanic origin and hilly, leaving little ground suitable for agriculture. The leeward islands have a mixed volcanic and coral origin. The highest point was Mount Scenery, 877 metres (2,877 ft), on Saba (also the highest point in all the Kingdom of the Netherlands).
The Netherlands Antilles had a tropical climate, with warm weather all year round. The windward islands are subject to hurricanes in the summer months, while the leeward Islands are warmer and drier.

Tourism, petroleum transshipment and oil refinement (on Curaçao), as well as offshore finance were the mainstays of this small economy, which was closely tied to the outside world. The islands enjoyed a high per capita income and a well-developed infrastructure as compared with other countries in the region.
Almost all consumer and capital goods were imported, with Venezuela, the United States, and Mexico being the major suppliers, as well as the Dutch government which supports the islands with substantial development aid. Poor soils and inadequate water supplies hampered the development of agriculture. The Antillean guilder had a fixed exchange rate with the United States dollar of 1.79:1.

The origins of the population and location of the islands gave the Netherlands Antilles a mixed culture.
Tourism and overwhelming media presence from the United States increased the regional United States influence. On all the islands, the holiday of Carnival had become an important event after its importation from other Caribbean and Latin American countries in the 1960s. Festivities included "jump-up" parades with beautifully colored costumes, floats, and live bands as well as beauty contests and other competitions. Carnival on the islands also included a middle-of-the-night j'ouvert (juvé) parade that ended at sunrise with the burning of a straw King Momo, cleansing the island of sins and bad luck.

Some photos about the Netherlands Antilles:

When will I have a chance to visit this country...
Have a nice day...

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