Monday, August 8, 2011

The "SERALAT" Fruit, a.k.a. The Velvet Apple.

the raw fruits..
 the brown hairs should be removed first..
 once the hairs are removed, wash the fruit...
peel off the skin of the fruits..
the flesh tastes quite similar to the apple..

Ever heard of this fruit - the Velvet Apple? Locally known as the Seralat fruit, it is near extinct in Malaysia.
Let's learn science today:

The Velvet apple (also called Mabolo) is not a real apple but rather a rare tropical fruit that is related to ebony trees. The name is well chosen as it looks like an apple but with a rather velvety skin, similar to a peach. In Malaysia, it is locally known as the Seralat fruit. Some called it the Mentega fruit.
Basic info of the velvet apple:
1.  Scientific name:  Diospyros blancoi
2.  Family:  Ebenaceae
3.  Order:  Ericales
4.  Origin: The Philippines, China
5.  Distribution: South Asia and South East Asia - Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Bangladesh.
6.  Leaves:  The older leaves of the Mabolo tree are dark green. Younger leaves are pale green or pink with silky hair.
7.  Fruits:  When ripe the velvet apple fruits are bright red, the size of an apple (8-10 centimeters in diameter) and with a velvet skin. The skin has a rather cheese smell, but the fruit itself has not much odor and tastes pleasantly sweet. The pulp has a whitish cream color and covers several rather big seeds. Seedless varieties exist.
8.  Trunk:  The Velvet apple tree has a very dense and hard wood with a dark color. The tree belongs to the ebony family which is know for its hard wood: "iron wood".
9.  Height:  Height varies between 10 and 30 meters.
10.Harvesting:  Fruits are picked by hand.
11.Uses:  The fruits are eaten fresh after removing the skin, or can be used to make juice.
The wood of the tree is very hard (iron wood) and is used for making furniture and utensils.
the velvet apple tree
 another shot..
the fruits as they are on the trees

That's it.. Have a nice day...


Glisten said...


Kindly advise me where can I get the seed,
and my email is Glisten.Lee@gmail.com
Thanks & Have a nice day.

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Glisten Lee

DESS said...

I don't have any clue or direction to where to find the seeds. I guess we have to get the fruit to get the seeds, right?
It is difficult to get the fruits because it is not popular and near extinction. We have to go to the villages to get these fruits. I have heard it is available in Kedah and Johore. Any specific places - sorry, I don't know...
That's it, have a nice day...

Glisten said...

I see, have a nice day.

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