Friday, September 16, 2011

3rd Day and Sweet Memories of Satun...

The closing ceremony of the Southern Border Academic Exhibition in Satun was done this morning.. We did not wait for it to really end because we had to move before noon..
We had time to see a school live band performance and I was totally impressed !! Nice music and very humble in presentation.
After some souvenir shopping at the Tesco Lotus, two VIP vans took us to the border at Wang Prechan.
We crossed the border at about 3.00pm and left some fresh, sweet memories of our 3 day stay in Satun.
the rhythm section..
the brass section..
 the drummer, he's good..
 the keyboardist..
 the beautiful singer...
 the humble in school uniform singer..
the music fan from Perlis..
 the two executive vans that ferry us to the border..
 VIP status..
 my friend from Satun - Mr. Rohidar Somsonit, a good friend indeed..
met this group from Penang - they're off to Phuket.
we left with fond memories of Satun in our minds...
sawadee karp....
We hope to come back and revisit Satun in the near future. Thank you to the people of Satun for such a nice hospitality during our 3-day stay ...
Thanks for the memories..
Thanks for the opportunity to meet nice people like Mr. Somali (Ramli), Mr. Rohidar, Mr. Pramoot, Mr. Naga,  Miss Sopida @ Rozita (Cik Ta), Miss Nora from Manchester, Miss Sheila from the Philippines, Miss Zainab and the resort staff, especially the owner whom I've forgotten her name... Thanks a lot...
Sawadee karp..

Have a nice day..

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