Monday, September 12, 2011

Flood in Perlis....Again...

heavy rain for the past three days..
It's another rainy season in Perlis...., and the floods, of course...
Three days of continuous rainfall in this smallest state of Malaysia, the northern most, and flash floods occur everywhere. Several schools were closed today, with SMK Dato' Sheikh Ahmad being the worst, under 2 feet of water. The on going SPM trial exam had to be postponed today. Tomorrow is the Maths paper and the fate is still unknown...
The UPSR is to begin tomorrow and SK Tengku Budriah in Arau is closed today, under 1 feet of water. SK Seri Indra in Kangar is turning it's school into a hotel tonight, catering all its UPSR candidates to sleep in school tonight, just in case the students cannot make it to school tomorrow morning... My wife is to become the hotel receptionist this evening.
Some photos to show:
the water level at Sungai Repoh.
 the Sungai Perlis at noon today..
 the trunk road to Kangar from Padang Besar
The Jalan Kaki Bukit, Km 2.
 the Jalan Kaki Bukit in Beseri.
 Water from the Tasoh Dam being released..
 the rain keep pouring since last Saturday..
At press time, 470 residents have been evacuated to 11 relief centers, most of them in Kangar and Arau.
Just hope the water to recede as soon as possible. To date, no casualties reported.
Have a nice day...

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UmbrellaRec said...

It's time for people in Perlis to consider getting a boat/sampan per household. How many times the state has to be under the water per year? Are we returning to the 70s when every now and then the state is consumed by water?

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