Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Greetings From Satun, Thailand...

We reached Satun at 11.00am. After taking an hour's journey by bus from Kangar, we were greeted with the host - Satun's Education officials - at the border in Wang Kelian with 3 executive vans, ferrying us to our hotel, or rather our chalet in Satun.
Actually, we were supposed to stay in a chalet in Pak Bara, a nice place by the seaside, about 15km from Satun town, but due to flood waters, we were housed nearby the Tesco building in town. Satun Province was hit by floods the last few days. We are lucky the flood waters receded yesterday....
I don't know the name of this Chalet because it is written in Thai. We had lunch at noon and it was awesome... I ate twice as much as I usually do.... We had the local favourite dish - the kengsom Siakap fish, boiled shrimps, fried chicken with curry leaves and mixed vegetables... It was really a nice lunch..
the road to Wang Kelian and Satun
 unloading our luggage from the bus
 declaring our travel documents
 on our way to Satun in executive vans
 junction to Satun town
highway to Satun
our lodging Chalet for 2 nights
 we had lunch
 my lunch...
 the Kengsom Siakap fish
 fried chicken with curry leaves
 mixed vegetables
 the Perlis girls taking their buffet lunch..
We are resting at the moment .. The next agenda is tonight - the opening of the 2nd Southern Border Provinces Academic Exibition, Satun, Thailand.... It will be at 7.00pm local time (8.00pm Malaysian time)...
I will update again tonight, if possible..
Have a nice day..

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