Wednesday, September 21, 2011

JAPAN vs MALAYSIA - Olympic Qualifying - LIVE.

It's the 2012 Olympic qualification again - Japan vs Malaysia , 1st leg in Japan.
1st Half:
03.00: First blood by Japan - straight to keeper.
09.30: GOOOALLLL - Japan scores after a good move. 1-0 to Japan. Goal scored by Higase.
11.00: Japan attacking again - missed a golden chance.
15.00: Super save by Malaysian keeper.. what seems to be a certain goal for Japan.
19.00: Japan attacking most of the time. Malaysia has yet to shoot at goal.
23.00: Another shot at goal saved by the Malaysian keeper. Japan attacking all the way.
25.00: Corner to Japan. Nothing..
35.00: Still 1-0 to Japan.
40.00: Malaysian defender injured (No.16). Play stopped.
44.00: Super save again by Khairul Fahmi, the keeper.
45.00: Half time - Japan leading 1-0.

2nd Half:
46.00: Game started.
52.00: Malaysia first shot at goal - off target.
53.00: Another save by Malaysian keeper.
55.00: Rare attack by Malaysia. Came up with nothing. Shot off target again.
60.00: Certain goal by Japan - saved again by Malaysian keeper !!!
62.00: Golden chance by Malaysia - wasted by strikers.
76.00: GOAALLL !! Yamazake scores, 2-0 to Japan.
79.00: Open goal... saved by Malaysian defenders. It would have been 3-0.
85.00: Possession play by Japan.
89.00: A minute to go. Japan in possession.
90.00: 3 minutes added time...
90+3:  Game over. Malaysia go down 2-0, but a very brilliant performance by Khairul Fahmi - the Malaysian keeper...

Good night from Japan.
Have a nice day.....

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