Friday, September 16, 2011

A Star Is Born - AMIR AIMAN.

Meet Amir Aiman Abu Bakar - an instant STAR in Satun, Thailand.
In conjunction with the Academic Exhibition 2011 in Satun, Thailand, Perlis was invited to enter the "Story Telling" contest. The Perlis Education Department chose Aiman to represent the state in the event, which was being held on the 2nd day of the 3-day exhibition. It was held in the BAN KANAE school in Satun.
It wasn't clear whether Aiman was competing or just an invited guest. But actually, it did not matter...
12 contestants took turns to present their Story Telling, once each from the districts of the provinces of Southern Thailand that took part. The contest was in English but the running of the show was in Thai. So, I didn't know what the emcee was talking about...

The contest was done behind closed door. There were 6 judges (one of them was Miss Nora, an English teacher from Manchester, England), one emcee, 2 cameraman and 2 other teachers. Aiman and me were called in a few minutes before the contest began. The judges asked Aiman a few questions which I couldn't hear a word and then they gave us a chair each to sit. One by one, a contestant was called in to render their story. Each were given about 5 minutes to do so.
The first contestant, Suphamin, from the province of Narratiwat, was exceptionally good. He did an excellent  performance. Suphamin is the son of a school gardener in a school in Narratiwat. His mother is a worker in the school canteen. Suphamin is coached by her English teacher - Miss Sheila, a Filipino attached to his school. His English is really, really good...
All the contestants rendered their performances on the floor, about 6 feet in front of the judges. There was no PA system. The contestants were supposed to speak out loud, plus their body languages to show.

Aiman was the last contestant, the 12th. This was where something different happened...
All of a sudden, the public was called in.. The door was opened and students, teachers and those present   rushed in to see the 12th contestant - Aiman.
Aiman was made to go on stage... (There was a stage in that room). Cameras and video cameras were adjusted to face the stage. The audience all sat on the floor. When everything was under control, Aiman began his Story Telling... He didn't look nervous at all. He stayed cool and did his stuff professionally. All eyes were on him and I guess, he did well.. Aiman took 6 minutes and 14 seconds to finish. There was a loud applause once he finished. It did not end there... As soon as he stepped down from the stage, everybody congratulated him and began taking photos with him. Some were seen taking his autograph, his facebook account, his address and whatever he can give... Aiman became a sudden STAR !!! A Star is born....

See these photos:
waiting to called in..
 the two young English teachers-Nora (from Manchester) and Graham (from Cambridge).
the crowd waiting outside..
 Aiman being interviewed before the contest began...
this is Suphamin, one bright student from Narathiwat..
 a 13 year old student from Pattani rendering her story..
 Aiman on stage..
 cool and contained..
 caught the eyes of the judges..
 audiences taking photos and videos..
 1st fan..
 2nd fans..
 3rd fans..
more and more fans....
there's more..
 and more...
 autographs, facebook account and address session...
all the twelve contestants..
 Dess (Perlis, Malaysia) and Sheila (Mindanao, Philippines)

Have a nice day, Aiman.. This post is specially written for you...

Have a nice day...

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