Sunday, October 2, 2011

Berries in my Backyard...

A year ago, I visited a friend in Beseri, Perlis. I saw this plant bearing wild berries. I asked for the seeds to be sowed, with the intention of growing these berries at my backyard. Actually, these berries are easy to plant. Just take the stems and plant it. That's it. So I did....
Today, I have these berries at my backyard:
The Black Mulberry...
 Grows easily..
 It's a shrub..
one big bowl of berries..
The berries are sweet and tasty. The black ones are the ripe and juicy ones...

Upon surfing the internet, these berries are known as Black Mulberries. Originated from Asia Minor and Iran, these berries were introduced into Europe in the 16th century. In Italy, it is grown in the Central region and Sicily. It's called Gelso in Italian. A friend of mine, Simonetta Leornardi told me that... Thanks Simonetta for the info. She even sent me a video on these berries via my Facebook account. How nice of her to do so...

Black mulberry - Productions and uses:
Jams, jellies, jams, sorbets, cakes, grappa, in alcohol. The use of fruit in small fruit salad improves flavor and aroma. Dye and flavoring for ice cream, gives a blue-violet.
In Central Italy and Sicily, it is raised for local consumption.
An infusion of leaves has antibiotic properties. The pulp is used in cosmetics for masks soothing to dry skin, the juice is in use in lotions.
Medicinal properties of fruits, leaves, roots and bark: expectorant, cleansing, laxative, tonic and refreshing, a time not far away were shown to soothe mouth sores, fatigue, constipation, and stomatitis.
The varieties are also more decorative than most appreciated for the taste of fruits.

Now, I have friends who wants this berries too. Well, you have to come over and take the stems to sow these plants... He, he..
Have a nice day... 

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