Saturday, October 1, 2011

Datin Azimah knows better....

I think Datin Noor Azimah, chairman of PAGE (Parent Action Group for Education) knows better than the Education Minister, what is best for Malaysians and it's future generations...  She is consistent and stick to the point that was brought up - the PPSMI (Teaching and Learning Science and Maths in English).
There is a contradiction here in the matter involving English. While the Ministry is making a huge step to improve the standard of English among school students, since it had gone down terribly in the last two decades, they are scrapping off the PPSMI. To me, it's  a matter of NOT being serious in learning the English language. It was and still is not compulsory to pass in the public examinations in Malaysia, namely the PMR and SPM. So, nobody cares... PPSMI is helping out this issue.

Former Prime Minister, Dr. Mahathir Mohammad, saw the 'virus' attacking the Malaysian students. He therefore introduced the PPSMI, since Science and Maths is very important these days in the education world. Besides learning science and mathematics in English, students could improve their English language as well. That was the idea... The idea was brilliant and full of vision that nobody complained... Parents and students love it very much and everybody started to speak English, including the Ustazs and Ustazahs. English tuition classes started to flourish in all cities and towns and even villages.

Then the evil minds came out..... Some politicians wanted to gain mileage in their political carrier. They came out with some stupid ideas that English have overtaken the Bahasa Melayu in our daily usage. The Bahasa Melayu was in the risk of being extinct..., bla, bla bla... Those teachers teaching Science and Maths, who could not speak English well started to joint the group.. That prompted the Education Minister to abolish the PPSMI in 2009.
The Malaysian public was suddenly divided on this issue. Some very happy, but most parents were very unhappy. Everything was going nicely and things were getting in order... and suddenly - why the reverse? Ideas and opinions flooded the media. Surveys were done and it was found out that at least 66% of the rural folks supported the continuation of the PPSMI. Urban folks - 99% supported PPSMI. Those 33% against the motion went to the streets to rally, what they called "anti-PPSMI".
Politicians and Malaysian leaders are very sensitive to street rallies. They usually give in.... Actually, that's the minority, not the majority !!! So, minority wins??

Actually, the good brains are losing out. They are deprived of good education. Or should I say - victimised by narrow minded political leaders. Feel sorry for the not-so-well-to-be parents. The well to be parents (including the narrow minded politicians) send their children to private schools where the medium is English. That's the scenario.. While other developing countries are learning science and maths in English, Malaysia is moving backwards!! So much so for the 2020 vision.... Bye, bye VISION 2020 !!!

One open minded citizen have this to say:
I MUST applaud Parent Action Group for Education Malaysia (Page) chairman Datin Noor Azimah Abdul Rahim for her consistency, steadfastness and initiative by bringing the PPMSI case to Unesco requesting for its support.
She definitely knows what’s best for Malaysians and its future generations.
This may be seen as a blow to our leaders and the people at the Education Ministry for dragging their feet on this issue and it makes it look like none of them seem to be able or willing to make a firm decision on this.
This is in spite of the numerous calls from concerned people of all walks of life, the young and the old and the people in-between, including some foreigners asking for PPSMI to be re-introduced.
Don’t let politics cloud your good judgment.
Please make a decision in favour of PPSMI quickly and we can move on.
Shah Alam.

Have a nice day....

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