Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Hatyai Sunday Market - 16th October 2011.

After a whole day in a school in Phatthalung on Saturday, I visited the Hatyai's Sunday market the next morning. It's fun to see those goods on sale by local folks. Each time I visit this "morning open market", there must be new things available. You must carry your camera along to take snaps of these new things, besides the familiar but nice to see things...
Photos to share:
"Roses" made of Pandan leaves.
 boiled sweet potatoes with different colours
 local beetroots..
 the peeled beetroots, ready to be eaten.
local "past-time snacks" - "kadok" leaves with it's ingredients
 you cannot resist these "Nam Dok Mai" mangoes
 Annona fruits - difficult to find these days..
large Pomegranates...
Thai mangoes with sauces..
 lotus flower buds..
 love these roses...
After spending about an hour at the open market, we took the "tuk tuk" to have breakfast nearby the railway station. I was with my best friend, Ed.
  on the "tuk tuk"
 with Ed...
 Hatyai's "Roti Canai Telur"
 Tomyam, omelette and white rice

It's always nice to eat in Thailand because the food is always tasty, and full of choices... Sometimes, a bit spicy, but always nice....
Have a nice day....

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