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Update on PPSMI... 12th October 2011.

In today's newspaper, The Star:

Reconsider stand on PPSMI

THE Education Ministry through its Corporate Unit had said that PPSMI (the teaching of Maths and Science in English) was definitely going and there were no two ways about it.
As an educator of 30 years and a parent of successful children, I am terribly upset with the Government’s insistence on dropping PPSMI. The least it could have done was to allow those who were already into it to finish their full cycle.
The Education Ministry is doing injustice to students who diligently poured their heart and soul into acquiring knowledge through PPSMI.
My son, who is in Year Five this year is very comfortable learning through PPSMI, and all his teachers are conversant enough in the English Language. He dreads the consequences of learning the same subjects in Bahasa Melayu next year after spending five years amassing the knowledge he has now.
It is not that he does not like Bahasa Melayu. He is well-versed in Bahasa Melayu, but how is he going to express himself when it comes to Science and Maths? Even adults, and for that matter teachers, would find it difficult switching code in a short span of time.
The Government had spent not millions but billions of ringgit in implementing PPSMI but now all the effort is going down the drain. It is not only the monetary loss but also human resources.
It took not one, two or three years to train teachers of Science and Maths for what they are today. Now, the Government has to re-train these same teachers. Do not take for granted that all these teachers will automatically be comfortable reverting to Bahasa Melayu.
After the many years of PPSMI, we will be seeing the first batch of graduates coming out from tertiary institutions any time now. Are these graduates of no use now to teach Science and Maths in English?
I am not asking for these graduates to teach the English Language, but Science and Maths in English. There is a whole lot of a difference in that!
Over the years, ever since PPSMI had been implemented, we had seen and heard, minister after minister, directors general and education officials heaping praises whenever they announced the public examination results, highlighting the phenomenal success of PPSMI. Where has all the success gone?
If all those statements were genuine, why abolish PPSMI? Is it because of political pressure?
If I remember correctly, it all started during the annual general assembly of a political party where one of the delegates opposed strongly the use of English in teaching Science and Maths. This had a spiralling effect.
I urge the Government to reconsider its stand. Acquiring knowledge through another language wil not make us less patriotic.
We need to prepare our children to meet the global challenges and the only way is through education, and education is dictated by the English Language. If all of us could muster some knowledge in that language, it would do wonders for our future generations.
I call upon fellow Malaysians to wake up and see the importance of the English Language in moulding our children into better equipped citizens.
I hope the Prime Minister is listening again.

Right to an education

I REFER to “Why PPSMI is abolished” (The Star, Oct 5). I want to thank the Education Ministry for finally replying to all the letters written to them.
However, after reading its reply, I can only conclude that the PPSMI policy is not a flawed policy. The flaw lies in its implementation. This has been pointed out numerous times by PAGE and parents.
The Education Department employees, which include teachers, are civil servants who should abide by professional working ethics.
When the Government implemented PPSMI, it was a policy deemed best for the nation. It still is. It may be difficult but it is not impossible.
However, insubordination by teachers who were reluctant to teach in English forced the Government to make a U-turn.
As a result, the Government has lost billions. When this U-turn was made all the aids were wasted and new aids had to be implemented, like books, teaching aids and more courses to attend. Is this necessary, specially now?
Teachers may say it’s their right not to teach in English. Teaching in either English or Bahasa Malaysia for Maths and Science today should not be an option for teachers.
Undermining and stressing students who want to learn these subjects is not the teacher’s right. Students have the right to an education and they should have the option to learn in a language they are comfortable in.
Today, many students are diagnosed with stress. Who is contributing to additional stress in their lives?
We are not asking for the moon. We are only seeking that Maths and Science subjects be taught in English.
I do not see how teaching these subjects can bring harm to Bahasa Malaysia.
I understand that MRSM can teach in English. Why can’t government schools do the same.
If this is a national education policy, then shouldn’t MRSM also teach in Bahasa Malaysia?
All we parents ask for are:
> Give our children an option to study Maths and Science in English.
> Let students who started in English for PPSMI end it in English until Form Five to have less interruption in their education.
> Give us the option of English-medium schools.
Kuala Lumpur.

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thquah said...

I sincerely hope that Prime Minister will revert/let Science & Maths to be taught in English so that we as Malaysian will have a future in this competetive world.If PM does not want to listen to the rakyat then comes the GE13 the rakyat will know what to do.

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