Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Arab Food in Sri Hartamas, KL.

My friend, Mr. Masaud from Johore, offered me to taste some Arab food at a famous restaurant in Sri Hartamas, Kuala Lumpur, recently. A local friend, Mr. Naim, took us to the restaurant.
This is my first time, as I'm not used to Arab food before...
Mr. Naim, who drives a Mercedes, happened to be a former student of the Cheras Technical School - the school just beside my former school, the Selangor Science Secondary School. So, we were neighbours back in the 70's... Coincidently, Mr. Masaud, was also my school neighbour in the 70's. He studied at the Alam Shah School in Cheras.
So, we had a lot to talk about, between the three of us.....
We had several kinds of Arab dishes, which I did not take note their names. We had Arab coffee. We had shisha - a waterpipe smoking apparatus, with fruit flavours. And, we really talk a lot on our past days during our school life....
Arab bread with mutton and blended chickpea.
 another kind of bread with potato fries
 Arab coffee - tasted good and refreshing..
Mr. Masaud taking the shisha - apple flavour.
Mr. Naim adjusting the shisha pipe..

Thank you, Mr Naim for the special treat .. It was a new experience for me..
Have a nice day...

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Dusk - 23,000 ft above sea level.

I couldn't see the sunset... but, it's dusk at 23,000 ft above sea level, from the window of my flight back home... I took the Firefly plane.
Have a nice day...

Monday, November 28, 2011

The Bintang Walk - Bukit Bintang, KL

Ever experience the night life in Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur?
You better do...
It's full of happenings down there...
There are life bands at several spots - locals, but they are good... I enjoyed their raw music and songs. Besides, there are so many food outlets all along the so-called "Bintang Walk". And, it's not that expensive.. My glass of teh tarik and 2 curry puff cost only RM6.90, and I sat there enjoying the music for over 2 hours...
See these photos:

Have a nice day....

Thursday, November 24, 2011

6D5N in Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur.

I'm currently in Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur for a meeting and work commitments.
Will not be able to update posts for 1 week due to time constraint. Will do so as soon as I've finished my work.

Have a nice week...

Monday, November 21, 2011

Malaysia vs Indonesia - 2011 SEA Games Soccer Final - LIVE.

Date: 21st Nov. 2011
Time: 8.30pm (Malaysia Time)
Venue: Bung Karno Main Stadium, Jakarta.
Harimau Malaya vs the Garuda.
The odds are against Malaysia. Why? There's 100,000 fanatic home fans..., such that the Malaysian squad had to be escorted in Barracudas to the stadium. That sums up how bad the situation is.... That doesn't include the other hiccups the Malaysians get all this while - no place to train, the psychological game being played in and off the pitch, etc, etc...
Nevertheless, the U-23 Malaysian team are used to this sort of atmosphere.., I hope...
President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono is not likely to come to the Bung Karno Main Stadium to watch the final match between Indonesia and Malaysia tonight, a Presidential spokesman said.

Kick off time in an hour..., at 8.30pm.
Stand by 1....

8.00pm: Pictures show the Malaysian team on the way to the stadium...
8.20pm: 10 minutes to kick off...
8.25pm: Yes, we have live pictures on the screen now... Sea of REDS !!! Players are being introduced. Players walk in the stadium now... Indonesia in Red/White. Malaysia in Yellow/Black.
*Negaraku on air now..., with the sounds of horns in the background. Disrespect...
*Indonesian national anthem on air now - with NO sounds of the horns? With respect...

1st Half:
00.00 - Malaysia to start..
02.00 - 1st shot on target by Indonesia. Straight to keeper
04.00 - attack by Indon - saved by keeper again. Corner...
05.00 - Goal.....!!  1-0 Indonesia. Ball headed in from corner kick.
10.00 - Yellow card to Malaysia - player no. 11.
12.00 - Malaysia missed a sitter in front of goal.... Wasted.
13.00 - another attack by Indon.., saved again by keeper.
15.00 - attacking play by both sides.., fast game.
17.00 - Offside by Indon. Lucky Malaysia...
18.00 - another good move by Malaysia, shot on target but ... no goal.
19.00  - another shot at goal by M'sia - straight to keeper.
22.00 - 2 Malaysian players collided - one seriously injured..
27.00 - Free kick to Malaysia - headed just wide by striker..
29.00 - Malaysia doing most of the attacking now... missed again (off target).
30.00 - Shot - missed again !!
32.00 - Corner to Malaysia. Wasted - again ...
34.00 - GGGGGGGOOOOOAAAAALLLLLLLLLL !!!!!!! 1-1 now.. Goal headed in by Malaysian striker...
36.00 - ooohhh, I thought it was a penalty. Save..
39.00 - M'sia attacking again..
40.00 - Freekick to Malaysia.
43.00 - Indons attacking. Good defending, Malaysia.
45+2  - Half Time score: 1-1.
Take your tea break, folks..

2nd Half:
45.01 - Play just started..
47.00 - early scare from the Indons..
51.00 - Malaysia attacking. Cleared..
54.00 - Malaysia missed a golden opportunity.. Very good move, but failed to score.
57.00 - Missed another one, again..., Malaysia.
60.00 - It's a game of attack and counter attack from both sides..
61.00 - Two players injured - one each from both teams.
63.00 - Good move by M'sia but failed to score
64.00 - Counter attack by Indon, failed to score as well..
67.00 - Corner to Malaysia. Wasted.
70.00 - Substitution by Indon.
71.00 - Corner to Malaysia - wasted again...
74.00 - Indon attacking..
75.00 - 15 minutes to go. Freekick to Indon - 40 yrds out. Nothing...
77.00 - Malaysia's substitution.
79.00 - Long distance try by Indon - off target.
80.00 - 10 minutes more. Still 1-1.
83.00 - Free kick to Malaysia. 40 yrds out. On target - pushed out by keeper.
85.00 - 5 mins to go. Free kick to Indon. 35 yrds out. Saved.
89.00 - Corner to Indon. Headed off target .
90.00 - 3 minutes added time.
90+3 - Full time...
Extra time, folks...
30 minutes extra time - 15 minutes, each half.

91.00 - Corner to M'sia.  Nothing.
93.00 - Goal not given - offside (Indon).
96.00 - Chance for M'sia - wasted...
97.00 - Goal not given to M'sia - offside...
99.00 - Substitution by M'sia.
102.00 - Shot at goal by Indon. Saved.
103.00 - Freekick to Indon, edge of box.  Saved.
105.00 - 1 minute injury time..
Half Time (extra time).
106.00 - Both teams look tired.
109.00 - Free kick to M'sia -40 yrds out. Nothing came out...
111.00 - Still 1-1.
113.00 - Free kick to Indon. Edge of box. saved..
114.00 - Corner to Indon. Saved.
115.00 - 5 minutes to go - players lying on ground, legs cramped..
117.00 - Corner to Indon - headed wide...
118.00 - Free kick to M'sia. Kicked way wide...
119.00 - 1 minute to go... Indons try to con ref for penalty.. Yellow card !!!!
120.00 - Full time in extra time.... Score deadlocked at 1-1.

Indonesia - 1
Malaysia   1
Indonesia 0 (hit the post)
Malaysia -   1   ( Malaysia leads 2-1)
Indonesia - 1
Malaysia  - 0  (saves by keeper - draw 2-2)
Indonesia - 1
Malaysia - 1  (draw 3-3)
Indonesia - 0  (saves by keeper)
Malaysia - 1  

MALAYSIA 4  Indonesia 3
Malaysia won the GOLD medal !!!!

Congratulations MALAYSIA !!!!!
Have a nice day....

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Learn from the Aussies....

 Ong Kim Swee being badly treated at the SEA Games??
When a sports competition between nations is being held, the home crowd plays an important role - both for the home team, and the foreign media.
The home team gets an extra bonus - getting full support from the home crowd. The home team/players will be very comfortable because of the backings of the crowd. There won't be any interference. It will be only support, all the way to the finish..
Now, the visiting team/players will have to deal with the home crowd. Crowd abuse is normal - be it in soccer, tennis, badminton or even the smallest of all games, whatever it is...
There's so many uneasy reports on the on going 2011 SEA Games in Indonesia, about the home crowd, the organizers and the media. It is not nice to say it here, but I just cannot believe what I see in the media (TV and newspapers) and videos available in the internet. So much so...

I watch LIVE from Melbourne, Australia - the Presidents Cup, a golf tournament between the USA and the Internationals (players from Australia, South Africa, South Korea, New Zealand, Japan) - for 4 consecutive days. There was silence each time the players tee-off, make a shot or putt, irrespective of which team he is in.
That might be the case in every tournament in golf. But, what catches my attention was the scenario when the game was won by the Americans. The crowd did not jeer at all to the Americans. In fact, they called over the Americans and shook hands with them. They exchanges caps and even took photos with the American players, so much so that the International captain, Greg Norman, mentioned it in his speech at the prize giving ceremony. What a way to go... Bravo Australia !!!
The two Captains in jovial mood with the Australian crowd.
 Tiger Woods, who took the winning 18th point, being congratulated by the Aussies.
 Tiger exchanging caps with the home fans.
 Woods shook hands after exchanging caps with a home supporter.
What the Indonesians should learn is to put aside sentiments (if there are any), and put up a good image of themselves as a "sporting" host. In this way, the athletes and officials will have fond memories of Indonesia and will come back and visit your country, as tourists. You see, sports is the only way to have good relations forever between two countries. You can have political disagreement between two nations - but sports can bring together two nations in political disagreement.
Enough said, I'm looking forward for better ties between Malaysia and Indonesia..., among the citizens of the two countries.
Prime Minister Najib Razak and President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono are already good friends. 
Why not us??

Have a nice day, Malaysians and Indonesians.... Be cool...

2011 Presidents Cup - It's TIGER WOODS !!!

You better believe it !!

Tiger Woods (the Captain's pick) sealed the President Cup, getting the 18th point to make it 18-14 (2 more matches yet to finish) in favour of the USA. It must be him...just as he did two years ago at Harding Park, Tiger Woods won the decisive match to give the American an insurmountable lead.
His excellent bunker shot at the 15th hole was about 1 foot from the hole and was a "given" birdie by his opponent, Aaron Baddeley who in turn had to eagle the hole, which he failed.
Fred Couples, the captain of the USA team, was the first to congratulate Tiger on the green. Couples had earlier, included Tiger in the squad, although Tiger was not exactly at his best all year round. Good move, Fred... Sometimes, you have to trust your instinct.., especially on golfers like Tiger Woods !!

Final Results: USA 19  International 15
Welcome back, Tiger !!! Welcome back.... See you at your best next year.
Have a nice day...

Saturday, November 19, 2011

PPSMI Updates...

Selangor parents to submit petition to PM over using English for maths, science.
PETALING JAYA: Parents are continuing their calls for the Teaching of Science and Mathemathics in English (PPSMI) policy to be retained.
Concerned Parents of Selangor (CPS) coordinator Shamsudin Hamid said the group was planning to submit petitions signed by parents to Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak on Nov 29.
"We're targeting 10,000 signatures and I think we can easily achieve this. Alongside the petitions, we also want to take five primary school pupils to submit their handwritten letters - with their parents' permission of course," he said.
“These signatures represent parents in Selangor and Kuala Lumpur, and the petitions will be submitted en masse,” he said.
...The Star.

Keep up the good work, guys... We know what is best for our future generations..
Have a nice day...

Friday, November 18, 2011

SEA Games Initial Target Reached..

 Medal Tally as at 6.00pm, 18th November, 2011.
Malaysia's humble initial target of getting 40 Gold medals at the 26th SEA games have been reached today.
The water ski event provided 2 gold medals today, through the Yoong siblings - Alex Yoong (Men's overall) and Phillipa Yoong (Women's overall).
Whatever comes next will be considered a bonus to the Malaysian contingent.

Have a nice day..

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Shameful MAAU..

It's all over the media in Malaysia today.... Shame on you Malaysian Amateur Athletics Union (MAAU).
Shame on you..
 MAAU treatment of golden quartet shameful

THE Malaysian Amateur Athletic Union (MAAU) needs a total revamp if we are to experience the glory days of athletics again.
Why are we in the doldrums? I would blame it on the sheer apathy of the MAAU. Because of infighting and personal differences among MAAU officials, Malaysian athletics is in the pits today.
I was shocked and saddened by the way our Sea Games gold medal 4x400m quartet were treated. They were flown in at the last minute to compete, and without their coach.
I am certain, MAAU officials thought the team would be “slaughtered”. However, the indomitable spirit of the lads and unwavering belief in themselves made them fight tooth-and-nail to emerge victorious.
But the unkindest cut was to follow. The boys were flown back the next day without experiencing their moment of joy – receiving their gold medals on the rostrum!
It’s downright shameful when hundreds of officials and VIPs are in Indonesia at the expense of the athletes from category B who are competing at their own expense.
Some of these officials should have been sent back instead of the relay boys.
If we are to see the likes of Tan Sri Dr M. Jegathesan, Istiaq Mubarak, Marina Chin, Datuk M. Rajamani, and many others who have illuminated Malaysian athletics in the past, I urge the powers that be to totally overhaul MAAU.
.... The Star. 

ATHLETICS: A bad state of the union

Athlete Noraseela Khalid, 32, blasted the union for the manner in which the  men's 4x400m winning quartet was treated. The athletes were not on the rostrum to bask in their moment of glory for the medal-presentation ceremony. The quartet had to fly back because their tickets had been booked for the afternoon flight, and the union's attempts to reschedule their flight were futile.
This shows poor planning and disrespect for the athletes. It also shows that the  union  leadership is weak and has lost credibility, especially when its own athletes vent their frustration at the state of affairs of athletics in the country.
Malaysia was a powerhouse in athletics in the 1960s and 1970s. We enjoyed winning not fewer than 14 golds in the 1960s and 12 to 14 gold medals in the 1970s and early 1980s.

The Jakarta and Palembang SEA Games brought some cheer to the country when track and field athletes delivered six gold medals.
The men's 4x400 quartet of S. Kannathasan, P. Yuvaraaj, Schzuan Ahmad Rosely and Mohd Yunus Lasaleh, who had  been dropped by the union but were included 48 hours before the race, brought cheer to Malaysia, too.
Coach K. Jayabalan's faith in the quartet's ability finally paid off.

In the 400m women's hurdles, Noraseela 32, won her pet event,  her fourth gold medal in the SEA Games.
Veteran pole vaulter Roslinda Samsu, 29, also a fourth time SEA Games winner, captured the gold with a record height of 4.20m.
Credit should be given to the winning athletes. Prior to the games, the athletes faced so many challenges from the union.Threats were issued by senior union officials when athletes were unhappy for being sent to train in Ranau, Sabah, as the stadium and facilities were not ready;  it could have been done at Bukit Jalil with minimum cost.
The union has been plagued by controversies. For instance, three of its athletes failed to give their urine sample but were still sent to Bulgaria for competition and training. As a result, it developed a strained working relationship with the National Sports Council  and the National Sports Institute.
The  union needs a change in leadership. There is no place for a clique system and a dictatorial leadership style, for this will impede development.
By C. Sathasivam, Seremban, Negri Sembilan

ATHLETICS: Running into problems

The way the Malaysian Amateur Athletic Union (MAAU) treated its athletes reached its nadir when the men's 4x400m runners proved their initial exclusion was a mistake when they won gold at the SEA Games.

Not having their coach along did not deter them, but the clincher was being denied the podium: they were carted off back home  before the victory ceremony and NegaraKu was played.
This scandal can  happen only with the union leadership.
Hurdler Noraseela Khalid's outburst after winning gold in the 400m hurdles is a manifestation of the stress    the athletes have experienced.

It is time for the union leadership to leave. Its callous leadership, if you can call it that, of the union is the reason for this debacle; many are biding their time to leave.
I call on Youth and Sports Minister Datuk Seri  Ahmad Shabery Cheek to change the  management of the union and ensure that athletes are taken care of, instead of officials who only have their own interest at heart.
This  is the acid test of Shabery's leadership to prune the union, including its  long-staying president.
By E.M.P., Shah Alam, Selangor
... NST.

Have a nice day...

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Cruel MAAU officials...

When you have officials who are not coaches or officials who were never winners during their times being athletes, this is what you get - "green hearted" officials (officials with no common sense and make stupid decisions). This often happens in sports bodies or sports associations.
Yesterday, the Malaysian 4x400m men's quartet won the SEA games gold medal in Palembang. Nobody expected them to win. They were not supposed to be in Palembang in the first place because they didn't qualify on merit. Their times were not up to the mark and were categorized in the B division. But somebody sent them to Palembang a day before the event, the 4x400m relay without the coach - presumably because of lack of fund - and these guys ran their hearts out and won the GOLD medal for Malaysia.
What really angered everybody was that, they were sent home on the very next flight - without even have time for them to receive their medals... The prize giving ceremony was in the evening and their flight was in the morning. How did this happen? Were the officials blind or stupid? There are so many MAAU (Malaysian Amateur Athletics Union) officials in Palembang on holidays...

Today, it's written in every newspaper in Malaysia about this "SHAMEFUL" incident:
The Star:

Quartet win surprise gold but have to fly home before medal ceremony

PALEMBANG: Veteran hurdler Noraseela Khalid clinched her fourth 400m hurdles SEA Games gold medal and immediately vented her outrage at the shocking manner the men’s 4x400m gold medal winning team had been treated by the Malaysian Amateur Athletic Union (MAAU).
The unheralded Malaysian quartet of S. Kannathasan, P. Yuvaraaj, Schzuan Ahmad Rosely and Mohd Yunus Lasaleh won the gold on Monday but flew home without receiving their medals because they had been booked on a flight home yesterday afternoon. The prize giving ceremony for the event was held yesterday evening.
The quartet, who had initially been dropped and only flew in on Saturday after somebody had a rethink, pulled off a stunning victory.
Clearly, nobody had expected them to win anything, least of all MAAU.
Having already treated them so poorly, the quartet did not even have their coach in Jakarta, the ultimate insult was to deprive the four men of their moment of glory.
Team manager Rajemah Sheikh Ahmad said they had tried to get their flight rescheduled but failed.

“There were too many people leaving and all flights were fully booked,” she said.
But that did not wash with Noraseela who attributed the foul-up to MAAU’s poor planning.
“This is shameful, They delivered gold for the country and were not even allowed to enjoy it,” an indignant Noraseela fumed.
“The athletes are suffering because of the bitter power struggle and bickering within MAAU. This has to stop right now or we athletes can never improve. Malaysian athletics will continue to deteriorate as a result.
“It breaks my heart to see the relay boys flying home without collecting their medals. This is so cruel. How do you think they must feel?
Is this the way to treat those who bring glory to the nation?”
Noraseela clearly took exception to the fact that the athletes have to go home immediately after their event while the officials stay on until the end of the Games.
“How is athletics in Malaysia ever going to improve if those in power only care about themselves and not for the athletes? There have been a lot of issues in the MAAU, like athletes missing dope tests and of irresponsible coaches,” she said.
“There isn’t even a proper training programme and athletes get abandoned when they are injured. I’m really disappointed at the state of affairs.
“But I’m not going to give up athletics because of this. I’ll continue to run for as long as I can.
“I’m probably reaching the end of my career but I really want to compete in the Olympics before I retire. I hope MAAU will be able to help me, Roslinda (Samsu) and (Lee) Hup Wei qualify for London.”
The 32-year Noraseela clocked a season best 57.41 to win the gold but admitted that even she was surprised at winning so comfortably.

In the NST today:

SEA GAMES: Golden Noraseela takes a swipe at MAAU

Noraseela Khalid, immediately after winning her fourth Sea Games 400-metre hurdles, launched a scathing attack on the Malaysia AAU (MAAU) for the association's state of affairs that has plagued the sport.
Noraseela said there are too many problems in MAAU and that the association needs a major shake-up if  athletes are to be safeguarded.
The hurdler cited the shoddy treatment the winning 4x400m quartet suffered at not even being allowed to receive their medals because they had to go home.
She alleged that MAAU officials have been humiliating the athletes and have never looked after their welfare.

"There are too many problems in MAAU and there must be a major change in the association. The athletes are being humiliated and their futures will be buried if the association does not undergo major changes," said the 33-year-old Noraseela.
"The athletes are suffering because they are left in the dark. If they suffer injuries, there is no support at all and MAAU refuses to work with the National Sports Council (NSC) or National Sports Insitute (NSI).

 "It was so frustrating to see the 4x400m team being treated with no respect and not even allowed to attend the medal presentation. There are so many officials here doing nothing, yet the relay members were put on an early flight home without receiving their medals.  "MAAU is killing the athletes. There must be a change as the athletes are being victimised all the time and nobody is really bothered.  "I am the most senior member of the national squad, so I have to speak up now before the entire sport is completely destroyed.
"I hope this outburst will drum some sense into the powers-that-be and that Datuk Seri Shahidan (Kassim) will act fast to clear the mess."
Noraseela clocked 57.41s, her season's best, to win the gold while longtime rival Wassana Winatho of Thailand was second in 58.97. Third was Helari Viera of Indonesia (59.64s).
Roslinda Samsu defied the jeers at the Jakabaring Sports Complex to win her fourth gold with a new Games record.
Roslinda was involved in a keen tussle with Vietnam rival Le Thi Phuong with both clearing 4.20m to better the Games mark of 4.15m set by Roslinda.
Both failed to clear 4.25m but Roslinda won on countback as Thi Phuong needed two attempts at 3.80m.
It was also an emotional moment for her coach Manshahar Abdul Jalil, who collapsed due to heart problems five days ago, and he shed tears watching her return to form.
Roslinda said Manshahar has been the main reason for her success and his presence yesterday helped her win gold.

There you go... Bravo Noraseela !! Tell the truth...
Have a nice day...

3D2N at the BP Samila Beach Hotel, Songkhla.

My recent trip to Songkhla, Thailand, gave me the opportunity to stay at the BP Samila Beach Hotel and Resort, courtesy of the Thai government. Thank you very much to the Assistant Director of the Mahavajiravudh Songkhla School.
It was a collaboration programme between SMK Derma, Perlis, Malaysia and the Mahavajiravudh Changwat Songkhla School, Songkhla, Thailand, that made me travel to Songkhla.
As usual, we were given the best hospitality. This is something the Thais are very good at... They will make us feel as comfortable as possible, and I don't have any complains about that. They always smile and greet us with their own way - the two hands together in front of their chest - and with the words "Sawadee ka". That's their trademark.
The hotel is located exactly at the tip of the Samila beach, just a few meters from the beach. Very nice location. Very nice hotel. Rooms rate starts from 2200 Baht (Deluxe) with breakfast. There is a balcony in every room, facing the sea - both sides. That makes it extra special....
This is the small roundabout in front of the hotel.
 Not so bright - need to be more attractive
 the Hotel
 the lobby
The South China Sea - from the balcony of my room
hangout place in the evening
 a golf course beside the hotel
 the Restaurant menu
 my breakfast 
 view of the sea from my breakfast table
 another view from the restaurant
 the mermaid statue, right in front of the hotel.
the Samila beach
two Thai girls on the beach
I will stay in this hotel again if I were to visit Songkhla again. That's for sure !!!
Have a nice day....

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Friendship Days between MVSK-SMKD 2011.

Pictures tell a thousand words.....
Fond memories - let it live forever...
May Dermarians and Mahavajiravudhians cherish these beautiful moments forever...

Have a nice day....