Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Arab Food in Sri Hartamas, KL.

My friend, Mr. Masaud from Johore, offered me to taste some Arab food at a famous restaurant in Sri Hartamas, Kuala Lumpur, recently. A local friend, Mr. Naim, took us to the restaurant.
This is my first time, as I'm not used to Arab food before...
Mr. Naim, who drives a Mercedes, happened to be a former student of the Cheras Technical School - the school just beside my former school, the Selangor Science Secondary School. So, we were neighbours back in the 70's... Coincidently, Mr. Masaud, was also my school neighbour in the 70's. He studied at the Alam Shah School in Cheras.
So, we had a lot to talk about, between the three of us.....
We had several kinds of Arab dishes, which I did not take note their names. We had Arab coffee. We had shisha - a waterpipe smoking apparatus, with fruit flavours. And, we really talk a lot on our past days during our school life....
Arab bread with mutton and blended chickpea.
 another kind of bread with potato fries
 Arab coffee - tasted good and refreshing..
Mr. Masaud taking the shisha - apple flavour.
Mr. Naim adjusting the shisha pipe..

Thank you, Mr Naim for the special treat .. It was a new experience for me..
Have a nice day...

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