Sunday, November 20, 2011

Learn from the Aussies....

 Ong Kim Swee being badly treated at the SEA Games??
When a sports competition between nations is being held, the home crowd plays an important role - both for the home team, and the foreign media.
The home team gets an extra bonus - getting full support from the home crowd. The home team/players will be very comfortable because of the backings of the crowd. There won't be any interference. It will be only support, all the way to the finish..
Now, the visiting team/players will have to deal with the home crowd. Crowd abuse is normal - be it in soccer, tennis, badminton or even the smallest of all games, whatever it is...
There's so many uneasy reports on the on going 2011 SEA Games in Indonesia, about the home crowd, the organizers and the media. It is not nice to say it here, but I just cannot believe what I see in the media (TV and newspapers) and videos available in the internet. So much so...

I watch LIVE from Melbourne, Australia - the Presidents Cup, a golf tournament between the USA and the Internationals (players from Australia, South Africa, South Korea, New Zealand, Japan) - for 4 consecutive days. There was silence each time the players tee-off, make a shot or putt, irrespective of which team he is in.
That might be the case in every tournament in golf. But, what catches my attention was the scenario when the game was won by the Americans. The crowd did not jeer at all to the Americans. In fact, they called over the Americans and shook hands with them. They exchanges caps and even took photos with the American players, so much so that the International captain, Greg Norman, mentioned it in his speech at the prize giving ceremony. What a way to go... Bravo Australia !!!
The two Captains in jovial mood with the Australian crowd.
 Tiger Woods, who took the winning 18th point, being congratulated by the Aussies.
 Tiger exchanging caps with the home fans.
 Woods shook hands after exchanging caps with a home supporter.
What the Indonesians should learn is to put aside sentiments (if there are any), and put up a good image of themselves as a "sporting" host. In this way, the athletes and officials will have fond memories of Indonesia and will come back and visit your country, as tourists. You see, sports is the only way to have good relations forever between two countries. You can have political disagreement between two nations - but sports can bring together two nations in political disagreement.
Enough said, I'm looking forward for better ties between Malaysia and Indonesia..., among the citizens of the two countries.
Prime Minister Najib Razak and President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono are already good friends. 
Why not us??

Have a nice day, Malaysians and Indonesians.... Be cool...

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